Yoga Poses For Better Sex

5 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

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One study says that having sex once a week is a sweet spot for happiness. And, certainly, having quality sex over quantity can have positive impacts on health.

Besides sticking to a good nutrition plan, regular exercise is vital as part of healthy lifestyle practices. As a matter of fact, there are certain exercises that can boost sexual function.

Moreover, adding a regular yoga practice to your routine can give you an even better advantage for better sex. Let us explore a few yoga poses for better sex.

Yoga Poses For Better Sex


While there is more than five yoga poses for better sex that you can practice, starting with a few make it easy for you. Moreover, when you start more than five poses, you may find it overwhelming and confusing.

As a matter of fact, you can start with just one yoga pose and be consistent with it. Master that one yoga pose and make it a habit. Then, it’s easy to add more yoga poses along making your practice and results solid and amazing.

So, let’s start with…

Cat/Cow Pose


This pose is also an amazing exercise for relieving back pain. Here’s how to do a cat-cow yoga pose.

Tree Pose


This particular yoga pose improves hip flexibility, which is really useful during sex. On the other and, it also improves balance and focus in which both are particularly helpful when it comes to experiencing an amazing sex.

Here’s how to do it?

Bound Angle Pose


This pose is known to help individuals with low libido. Moreover, it strengthens the iner thighs and also helps open the hips for better flexibility. When regular practice, the bound angle pose can also improve blood circulation around the pelvic area, which is vital for sexual function.

Just like kegels exercises, when you practice the bound angle pose on a regular basis, it can help you boost libido. And, for women, it can also help achieve better arousals.

Here’s how to do a bound angle yoga pose?

Chair Pose


For men, this is helpful for controlling ejaculation, which is helpful in prologing your performance and avoiding premature ejaculations.

Moreover, the chair pose is a good way to train the body on drawing back the sexual energy back to the body for experiencing a whole body orgasm. This is an ancient practice by the Taoists known as sexual kung fu.

Here’s how to do the chair pose?

Pigeon Pose


Here’s another hip-opening yoga pose. It also releases tensions in the hip area. Initially, just looking at the pose is somewhat difficult but overtime as you practice it regularly, this is a very relaxing pose.

The relaxing effect of pigeon pose makes it a good yoga pose to perform prior to sleep, which is also highly beneficial if you have a lovemaking plans. Moreover, regular pigeon posing can be a good stress management technique. Stress is one of the major libido killers.

Hence, practice the pigeon pose regularly. This also provides better focus since it helps in keeping stress level at minimal level.

How to do a piegon pose, well, let’s have a look how it’s done?

Final Thoughts!


Hopefully, these five yoga poses can help you improve your flexibility and eventually boosting your sexual performance. It would be more exciting if you practice these yoga poses for better sex with your partner.

This way, both of you will be able to reap the benefits and it’s a good time for bonding, as well. However, practicing solo is not a problem. Hence, whether you’re doing it solo with your partner, it does help you in the long run.

Studies have proven that yoga is helpful for men’s sexual function1.

…The present review postulates that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), yoga, triggers neurohormonal mechanisms that reduces stress and anxiety, improves autonomic functions and thus, improves reproductive health.

Additionally, mind-body practice such as yoga and tai-chi could also be helpful in improving sperm quality2. Hence, a good nutrition plan rich in selenium while doing yoga could a potential solution for boosting male fertility.

For women, of course, yoga is just as beneficial for you. This is why both men and women should practice yoga as part of healthy lifestyle practices.

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