Female Brain on Orgasms

What Happens In Women’s Brains During Orgasms?

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Orgasm is a peak of sex in both men and women. In a previous article, we’ve looked at how men can boost their orgasms and what happens inside the brain during an orgasm?

Now let us explore what happens inside woman’s brain when she reaches sexual climax. In a previous study, women lose their emotional feelings at the moment they reach orgasm. This happens because an area in women’s brain responsible for controlling emotions is largely deactivated.

Additionally, the scientists also knew when women faked their orgasms because there is no deactivation on this part of the brain. And, at the same time, women’s brain cortex responsible for conscious actions is active.

In short, the scientists know whether women are having fake or real orgasms through PET scanner. As matter of fact, they were able to detect 4 states such as;

  • Resting
  • Faking an orgasm
  • A partner stimulates their clitoris
  • Clitoral stimulation to the point of orgasm

New Study Finds The Opposite

In the earlier study, researchers were using a PET scanner. On the other hand, in the new study, the researchers are using fMRI(functional MRI) to scan women’s brain during the point of orgasms.

One study of brain activity during orgasm1 PDF has discovered why climaxing makes women feel less pain and shown that switching off isn’t necessary.

Nan Wise at Rutgers University New Jersey and her colleagues recruited ten women to lie in a functional MRI scanner and stimulate themselves to orgasm. They then repeated the experiment but had volunteers’ partners excites them.

The team was able to follow brain activity in 20-second intervals to see what happens just before, during and after orgasm.

Back in 1985, Wise colleagues Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk2, both at Rutgers discovered that during self-stimulation and orgasm, women’s ability to withstand painful finger squeezing increased by 75%, and women’s pain tolerance doubles.

Now, Wise’s team has explained why. At the point of orgasm, the brain’s dorsal raphe nucleus area becomes more active. This region plays a role in controlling the release of serotonin, which can act as an analgesic, dampening the sensation of pain.

The researchers observed an increase in activity in women’s nucleus cuneiformis. This is a part of the brain responsible for controlling pain via thought alone. Nan Wise says;

Together, this activity, at least in part, seems to account for the pain attenuating effect of female orgasm.

Why Pain Sensation Decreases During Orgasms?

Unfortunately, researchers are not clear why this happens. They also have no idea whether this phenomenon also occurs in men. However, the researchers have evidence to overturn previous study findings that a portion of women’s brain switches off during orgasm.

Moreover, the researchers suggest that for women to achieve orgasms, they must free themselves from distractions while having sex.

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