Penile Hypospadias

What Is “hypospadias”, and Did Hitler Really Had It?

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Recently, the term “hypospadias” has become popular when it hits the news especially it was linked with a famous personality, Adolf Hitler. According to a report based on historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie said, Hitler suffered from a certain condition known as “hypospadias”, which made him possessed

Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias, which led him having a small penis otherwise known as micropenis. Let’s have some quick history recap as told by TomoNews.

What Is Hypospadias?

According to TomoNews, penile hypospadias affects 1 in 250 men. Based on that number, it’s not really uncommon, but it’s almost unknown until now. Well, it may be unknown to the general public, but definitely not to the medical community. An NHS expert explained hypospadias is a common birth defects that affects only boys. The cause is due to environmental factors like chemical pollutants from car perfumes, air fresheners, quality of drinking water, pesticides, fungicides and chemical dying agents. This is scary because most of the foods available even fresh produced were laden with chemicals especially those genetically modified crops.

Experts say these chemicals and pollutants makes the female hormone blocked the male hormone during the baby’s development inside the womb. When the baby is born, doctors should be able to recognize whether the baby boy has hypospadias and can decide whether a surgery is needed, and in some cases it is needed as explained in this video;

Now, no one really know and saw Hitler’s penis except this 97-year old woman from Berlin, Heidi Großedinger as reported by Huffington Post. Perhaps there may be more women who can confirm it, but at least this one woman confirmed it.

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