Ways To Boost Metabolism

13 Ways To Boost Metabolism For Better Health

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It’s obvious that people want to be healthy and sexy. And, one of the staples for achieving both is a good metabolism. However, today’s typical diet and lifestyle are ruining people’s metabolism. But, don’t worry, there are ways to boost metabolism for weight loss and better health.

But before we explore some of the ways to boost metabolism, it is worth knowing that diet and lifestyle have a direct effect to it. This is the reason many people today are struggling to lose weight and simply accept that’s life.

Unfortunately, there are health consequences of being overweight or worst, obese. It has a negative effect on memory, fertility and even early death.

Ways To Boost Metabolism

It is true that diet and exercise are both beneficial in boosting metabolism. In fact, the tips we will be exploring is a combination of both appropriate diet and healthy lifestyle practices.

This may be overwhelming for people who are not living a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it is not necessary to follow all these tips at once. Instead, do one thing you are comfortable of doing.

Approaching it this way allows you to stick to that one thing and be successful at it. Then, once that one thing becomes a habit, add another one and so on until you will be able to fully live an ideal lifestyle for better metabolism and health.

Crash and Fad Diets

1. Avoid Crash Fad Diets

Quick results are good but they don’t usually come with long-term results. Unfortunately, achieving quick results is a promise by fad diets. Sure, it may help boost one’s metabolism only for a short time.

Sure, fad and crash diets can help lose weight but overall, considering the nutrition aspect, it does a lot of compromises. The bad news is that although you lose weight, you will lose both fat and muscles.

This means, the more muscle you lost, the slower your metabolism becomes. The end results, you will be burning fewer calories while gaining weight quicker than before starting the diet.

So, one of the things you need to know and avoid in order to boost your metabolism is staying away from fad and crash diets.

2. Replace Sugary Drinks with Water

One of the most neglected ways towards maintaining and boosting metabolism is not drinking enough water. Today, there wide varieties of drinks and beverages to choose but most of them contain a high amount of sugar.

In addition, the sugar contents on these beverages are not natural but refined sugars that can cause weight gain. So, be conscious of what you are drinking. Instead of picking up bottled beverages, make sure it’s water.

Proper hydration increases cell metabolism1 and helpful for weight loss purposes2. One study3 finds that consuming enough amount of water is beneficial for weight loss.

How much water is good enough? Well, it depends on your current weight and how active you are. In simple terms, just drink water when you feel like drinking even if you’re not thirsty.

For instance, if you feel like grabbing a can or bottle of soda, be conscious and grab a glass of water instead. Every meal, instead of having soda after eating, have water instead. The primary purpose of doing this is hydration and minimizing sugar consumption.

3. Avoid Energy Drinks

While energy drinks may seem to boost metabolism and increase energy levels, it only works for a short time. Although it contains some useful ingredients, the majority of its contents is sugar.

Sure, it can give you a spike in metabolism and energy but it won’t be for long. After a few minutes or an hour, it all goes down making you crave for more.

Spicy Ways To Boost Metabolism

4. Spice Up Your Meals

Spicy foods are good for sexual health but there’s more to it. Hot and spicy foods contain natural chemicals that can boost your metabolism.

Therefore, spice up your meals. Cook with hot spices like chili and peppers. After all, when you put just enough of it, your meals will taste good, too.

Protein-Rich Foods Better Metabolism

5. Always Include Protein In Your Diet

Proteins build muscles. And, digesting proteins alone allows your body to burn more calories. However, don’t drink your protein unless you’re bulking up. Instead, make protein as part of your well-balanced diet.

Some people like to eat low-carb and high protein combination. And, there is nothing wrong with that as long as both from natural sources. Popular sources of protein include lean meat, tofu, eggs, beans, nuts, and some dairy products.

Lean Muscles Increase Metabolism

6. Build Muscles

When it comes to building muscles, you don’t need to aim as a bodybuilder. Having more lean muscles increases the body’s metabolism even if you’re not doing anything. Experts call it resting metabolic rate and increases when you have more lean muscles.

One of the easiest ways to build muscles is eating proteins. However, eating alone is not enough. Hence, engage in strength training, or others call it weight lifting or resistance training.

Every pound of muscle in your body takes up about 6 calories each day for sustenance. This results in burning of 2 calories per day with every pound of muscle. The first impression, this is small but these small changes can add up over time.

HIIT Increases Body Metabolism

7. Step Up Your Workout

Walking is simple but offers many amazing health benefits. Weight lifting is another one for building muscles. Moreover, one of the best ways to boost metabolism is a high-intensity workout.

Certainly, aerobic exercises are good but a high-intensity interval training is better. In fact, one study says it is effective for fat loss4.

Nuts Healthy Snack

8. Snack Smartly

Snacks can play a vital role in boosting metabolism and eventually weight loss. One of the ways to boost metabolism is to snack in a smart way. Eating between meals is good to make sure you snack on appropriate foods.

For instance, instead of snacking on bread, have a handful of nuts. Snacking the right way also help you eat smaller meal portions to keep the metabolism up.

Also, some people find that having regular snacks between meals result in eating less during mealtime.

Black Coffee Enhances Metabolism

9. Drink Black Coffee

Although coffee has been vilified for decades, it actually has many health benefits including metabolism boost. Moreover, regular coffee consumption is also a good way for erectile dysfunction prevention.

However, make sure you drink the right kind of coffee. Or, in other words, its preparation matters as well as its source. Freshly brewed black coffee is always a good choice.

Keep this in mind, if you’re looking for ways to boost metabolism, drinking black coffee regularly is one of your options.

Oolong or Green Tea For Metabolism

10. Drink Tea

Green tea and oolong tea contain catechins and caffeine that can boost metabolism for at least 2 hours.

One study5 suggests that drinking 2 to 4 cups of green tea or oolong tea triggers the body to burn 17% more calories during exercise.

And, green tea, in particular, has been found to protective against heart-related diseases.

Drinking Cold Water Boosts Metabolism

11. Drink Cold Water

Hopefully, you can still recall easily that we cover the importance of drinking water towards boosting metabolism. Well, here is another twist to drinking water. Drinking cold water is one of the ways to boost metabolism.

Studies6 7 say that it induces thermogenesis to the body. This increases the body’s calorie-burning effect.

Get Enough Sleep

12. Always Aim Getting Enough and Quality Sleep

One of the major causes of weight gain and eventually increasing the risk of being obese is lack of sleep8 9.

Hence, sleep deprivation causes many unhealthy consequences including low metabolism.

So, always consider and make it a priority to achieve good quality sleep every night.

Coconut Oil Better Metabolism

13. Consider Coconut Oil For Cooking Purposes

One of the reasons people stay away from coconut oil is because of saturated fats in it. While it is high in saturated fats, it also contains relatively high MCT(medium-chain fats).

MCT or medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil is an effective metabolism booster. In fact, it is a better metabolism booster than long-chain fatty acids found in butter.

As a matter of fact, one study10 says that MCT helps increase metabolism by 12% than long-chain fatty acids, which only improve metabolism by 4%.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list encourages to you do something in order to keep your metabolism high. And, keep in mind, it may be difficult for some people but just begin doing any of these ways to boost metabolism.

Either you are looking for ways to achieve better health or losing weight, you’ll find these metabolism-boosting tips useful.

However, don’t try to attempt doing them all at once. Pick the one you feel like doing as you will highly likely to stick with it. The key is consistency and once that one thing becomes a habit and hardwired to your lifestyle, add another thing and so on.

Taking one baby step at a time is slow but progressive.

Ways To Boost Metabolism

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