Boost Male Orgasms

8 Ways To Boost Male Orgasm

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Great and satisfying orgasms are achieved through the cooperation of both partners. Normally, women need longer time than men to reach orgasm. Hence, men should delay his orgasms in favor for his female partner and allow her to reach orgasms. Additionally, it is normal for women to experience multiple orgasms. Hence, men don’t just unload if you see your partner reached her first climax.

Acquiring new and effective techniques for amazing sex is somewhat elusive. However finding the secrets to amazing orgasms is well worth it. Are you aware that having regular orgasms may be helpful for prostate health? Although some men share their techniques with other men, many won’t do it. This is especially true for men who are conservative to some degree, but shy to ask. Perhaps feared of being ridiculed by others. This article will try to explore and reveal unusual ways for boosting orgasms and experience great sex. Also, it’s important you should explore these yourself as there is no better teacher than actual experience.

1. Discover The Hidden Secrets of Your Perineum

Male Perineum Are you familiar where your perineum is? Most men have no idea about their entire reproductive system. To the right is visual of the area of your perineum location. The perineum is the skin the connects the testicular sack and anus.

Stimulating this area is helpful to achieving great orgasms as it is packed with nerve endings for sensation. Simply by touching or stroking this area during sex can increase sensation. Some men who stimulate this area say they were able to achieve multiple orgasms, which is uncommon for most men.

The reason stimulating this area may lead to multiple orgasms probably because it also stimulates the prostate gland externally. However, this area is hard to reach during sex, so how on earth would stimulate it? During sexual intercourse or even oral sex, you can ask your partner to put a pressure or stroke this area using her fingers. Doing this regularly, your partner will be able to put just the right pressure for you to feel the boost in sensation and orgasms.

2. Perform Kegels Exercise Regularly

Kegels exercise is applicable for both men and women. One of the reasons women perform Kegels is to strengthen and balance muscles in the pelvic area to achieve better orgasms. Well, men can achieve the same results when performing Kegels exercise regularly. Kegels is contracting and releasing(relaxing) the pelvic muscles at regular interval. For beginners, holding or contracting these muscles for a few seconds is a good starting point. As you become more accustomed to it, hold it longer from 5 to 10 seconds interval.

How do you find these muscles? Well, it’s easy. During urination when you attempt to stop the flow of urine, the muscles responsible for that are the pelvic muscles. These muscles are the ones you should be contracting and releasing when doing Kegels. Kegels, when you learn how to isolate these muscles through regular practice can be done anywhere. To contract and release(relax) the muscles, do the same thing as you stop the flow of urine, but with a defined interval.

Here’s a quick overview on how to do Kegels exercise. This video demonstration is created by Private Gym, a male sexual health enhancement device in conjunction with Kegels exercise. The device is not a requirement, but if you need more strength to achieve stronger outcomes, buy and use it. This would be a good complement penis exercise along with Bathmate Hydromax.

As an additional note, there are also yoga poses that can stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. If you’re doing yoga, you may have already done some work to enhance and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and Kegels exercise will be a good complement.

3. Learn How To “EDGE”

Not many men are doing the kind of masturbation with the purpose of boosting stamina. Just as doing Kegels regularly, edging is an amazing technique. Although, it’s hard to master, it’s well worth the effort when it comes to experiencing intensified orgasms. Both Kegels and edging are the best natural solutions for overcoming premature ejaculation. One study mentioned in the book Women’s Health Easy Orgasms that men and women who slowly build-up sexual arousal and delay orgasms have satisfying sexual experience. Edging is best practice through masturbation.

In that study, researchers recruited and asked 38 men and 38 women to masturbate. First, they were given instructions to masturbate at home and then in the research lab. Before and after masturbating, the participants rated their mood, arousal, and their orgasmic intensity on a scale of 0-10, where 0 means nothing is happening, and 10 is knock-your-socks-off intensity. Researchers also asked the participants to stop in the midst of their masturbation at the point where they’re almost reaching climax. In men, this point is called the “point of no return”, but just before that, holding back is still possible.

Contrary to common belief that doing such a delay kills the mood, but the results were completely the opposite. The researchers suggest that may have been amped up by the simple act of pausing when they were close to climax. The method they were using was called “edging” and everyone can do it as long as one dedicate time to practicing it.

4. Explore Your (Male) G-Spot

G-Spot is commonly known in women. But, are you aware that men have G-Spot, too? While in women the point of G-Spot is not very clear and exact, although it exists. In men, the G-Spot is the prostate gland. Hence, it’s worth taking care of your prostate health because it’s not just sitting there doing nothing. As mentioned earlier, stimulating the perineum area also stimulates the prostate gland externally.

However, some men take this stimulation to the next level by stimulating the prostate gland from the inside. In fact, there are devices or toys especially designed for this purpose. Not many men are doing this, but if you’re interested in exploring this area, know that it is possible. This can also be done without the device by simply using a finger. However, self-stimulating the prostate with your own finger is difficult. Hence, you can ask your partner to do it for you.

If your partner is hesitant to do it for some reasons, there are books that can help you and her learn the technique. One of the books is Sexy Prostate: Male G-Spot Massage for Pleasure and Health. Or, you can visit your urologist along with your partner and ask about the method and how to do it correctly.

5. Maintain Good Testosterone Level

Testosterone has been known as the male sex hormone. Of course, testosterone has more function than just for sexual function in men. Testosterone is responsible for many essential functions in the body including bone health, muscle development, responsible for a man’s deep voice and among many others. In Greece, a study conducted at the Military Hospital in Athens found that men with more testosterone present in their bloodstream have higher chances to achieve orgasms. So, how do you maintain or boost testosterone in your body? Here are some tips:

6. Stroke and Raise The Testicles

Have you noticed in porn movies where the woman stimulates the man’s testicles at some point near ejaculation? Have you tried it yourself? If you haven’t, you missed many amazing orgasms. But, don’t worry as it is not too late. However, don’t just stimulate your testicles like the pornstars are doing. Many of them stimulate the testicles vigorously that induces pain.

A simple raise with gentle stroke or massage of the testicles prior to the point of ejaculation can intensify orgasm experience. This is most effective if your partner does it for you. So, ask her nicely to raise your testicles with her palm and gently massage it while you’re reaching climax. Your partner has an easier access to your testicles in a behind from the back penetration, or doggy style.

7. Focus On Sensation

Focusing on sensation also means being mindful during sex. Yes, mindfulness is not just for meditation and eating, but also in sex. So, when you’re having sex with your partner, suspend all those other thoughts and focus on what you’re doing. The sensation and experience are completely different. If you do the previous recommended exercises like Kegels and edging, you’ll be able to have full control on your ejaculation. This is essential for men who have premature ejaculation issue as worrying about the performance can lead to disaster in sexual experience.

Always aim to enjoy the experience particularly the physical sensation and help your partner first achieve orgasm. As mentioned earlier, most women need more time and stimulation in order to reach orgasm. It’s like doing a workout in the gym, or even running. Feel the sensation and how your body experience the activity. The same is true with sex. You need to focus or mindful while suspending all the worries and insecurities.

8. Don’t Forget To Breathe

When it comes to breathing, many men hold it or breathe halfway resulting in tension. In some cases, when you hold your breath can lead to early or premature ejaculation. Aim at slowing down and even ask your partner if you’re doing the right thrusting rhythm. Tune in your breathing to your thrusting rhythm and feel relax. Slowing down and breathing slowly also allows you to last longer and stimulate your partner more effectively allowing her to reach orgasms easily.

So, don’t hold your breathe, but naturally and slowly inhale and exhale. For some men, this needs practice because once in bed with their hot partner, it’s difficult to slow down and relax.

Orgasm Smoothie

Here’s a smoothie recipe from The Doctors, which claim to achieve perfect orgasms. Based on its ingredients, it should be satisfying and fulfilling. However, always keep in mind that recipes like these are not magical. You should do your own homework of sticking to a good nutrition regularly. Eating too much of the unhealthy and highly processed foods, heavy alcohol consumption, and smoking tobacco, this recipe won’t be of so much value to you.

Make this recipe a part of a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits in the long run.

The Ingredients

  • 1 piece banana
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup almond milk or rice milk or non-fat milk (juice can also be use as substitute, but make sure it’s quality juice without the high amount of added sugars and other unhealthy additives)
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • ½ cup peaches
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed
  • Honey to taste
  • Sprinkle ginger root powder for added flavor
  • Sprinkle crushed nutmeg for added flavor

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, put everything into a blender. Turn on the blender until the desired puree and consistency is achieved. If you don’t have all the ingredients available, be creative and find a substitute and make the most of what you have. However, the blueberries and banana are essential in the recipe. So, make sure you stay on it.

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