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Various of Signs Aging In Men and Sexual Lifestyle Consequences

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In women, it’s very common and we’ve heard it often the condition of menopause, which is a sign of the inevitable aging process. The same is true with men, there are various sets of sexual problems that can impact a man’s performance and overall health, too. Although age does not matter when it comes to sex, older men tend to achieve erections at a longer period, and hardness is not as hard as it used to be during younger years. In addition, older men also have less time being able to sustain harder erections, likely to experience premature ejaculations, and longer recovery time, or time to be able to achieve sexual arousal after an ejaculation.

These apparent changes in aging men are due to numerous changes in the body both physical and hormonal changes, just as with women. Among these common changes are covered briefly below, and for a more detailed information on these respective changes due to aging, consult with a medical expert with it, a urologist that can help along in coping when undergoing such process. It’s inevitable, but there are things that can be done in order for one to be able to handle the process in a graceful and active manner.


As men ages, hormonal changes occurs known as male menopause known medically as Andropause, also known as AMS(aging male syndrome). Andropause usually occurs during ages between 35 and 70 years old. However, andropause becomes more apparent when a man reaches the age of 50 and above. During andropausal period, there is a gradual decline of the male hormone testosterone. This male hormone is responsible for various functions including maintenance of energy level, and libido. The decline in testosterone during andropause is gradual as opposed to a rapid decline in estrogen with women menopausal.

For most men, testosterone level or its production starts to decline during the age of 30. It is important to notice I mentioned the majority of men because not all men are equal. In fact, there are those in their 60s and 70s but still manage to match up testosterone levels with those men in their 30s. Personally, I’m approaching 40s, and even if some men at my age noticed some decline in their sexual drive as they said, I don’t. In fact, I have better sex than I was during my 20s and early 30s. I think the reason is due to lifestyle. I have an active lifestyle and although I don’t play vigorous sports, I do exercise regularly and aim to move most of the time and avoid excessive sitting.

Recent research found that excessive sitting cause numerous health problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a busy person and need to focus on work, but still I aim to get up from my chair, walk a few meters every hour to drink water or go to the toilet to pee. I don’t bring water on my table because it’s my choice to get up and get a glass of water every time I want to drink. Additionally, I think what we eat impact hugely when it comes to better health maintenance. I eat real foods, or at least should I say foods that I have to cook myself. The movement I’ve made and for my entire family going to the fresh farm produce market and preparation is a lot helpful in addition to my regular routine.

Symptoms of Andropause

  • Low energy level
  • Low sex drive
  • Decreased in endurance and strength including sexual stamina
  • Moody, but perhaps not definite as it can also occurs on non-andropausal men
  • Inability to maintain rock-hard erections

While there is a solution for a declining testosterone level on aging men called testosterone hormone replacement therapy, research found some risks associated with it. Among the worst side-effect that can happen with HRT is prostate cancer development. While this therapy is very apparent and available readily even without a prescription, it is highly advisable to talk with your doctor about it prior to considering taking such hormone replacement therapy and treatment.

To date, a wide variety of supplementations with HGH(Human Growth Hormone), which can boost a man’s testosterone level along with other benefits. However, make sure the supplementation is based on natural formulation, and even though it says HGH, it should not contain the actual HGH ingredient, but only ingredients that improve the production of HGH. There many numerous proven safe natural male supplementation for this purpose, and even though they don’t mention HGH, it has the potential to help boost testosterone level and its production naturally. Among these supplementation available long enough in the market is Extenze extended release pill, plus numerous others that are available at major online retailers like

Low Sexual Libido or Sex Drive

Among the major culprit in declining level of both energy or stamina and sex drive is a decline in testosterone level and its production, and is apparent in both men and women. Fortunately, one does not have to suspend his sexual activity due to this matter. Maintain active sex life and activity with your partner, and if you do it with many other partners, do it actively and safely. There are numerous approaches in order to solve the issue, and you should try the proven ways including supplementation and healthy lifestyle and adjust to which one is well-suited for you. Don’t give up when you first try is somewhat unsuccessful, instead, make it as an opportunity to find the next solution and get excited every time.

Although, it’s a fact of life that sexual desire decline with age, don’t let the sexual flame simply dies with it. Use it and make the most of your life practicing safe and active sex life. Some medical professionals have said, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. This statement may not be totally true, or correct, but in my experience, the more sex I have, the better experience I get and improved performance, as well. For those without any partner and don’t want to venture on unfamiliar hook-ups, go solo instead. Yes, masturbation has many benefits related to health and this is true for both men and women. Take note, though, while one has the freedom to masturbate, always observe safe practices. Don’t use materials that can cause injury, and don’t use porn primarily when you masturbate as it can lead to addiction to either or both porn and masturbation addictions.

Men who have regular sex are able to maintain better erection quality even at their prime age compare to those who engage less in sexual activity. I believed, personally and many experts will agree that having sex and achieving erections more often is a form of exercise to the penis and the erectile veins inside the penile chambers. This is where a penile vacuum therapy purposes come into play, and we’ll it cover it later below.

Other factors also contribute to fading desire including relationship problems, stress, depression, and medication. If your efforts don’t seem to make a difference, talk to your doctor or health-care professional.

Erectile Dysfunction or Sexual Impotency

There are several solutions or approaches that can be done on men suffering from erectile dysfunction including the following;

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits
  • Maintain and eat well-balanced and right diet or nutrition
  • Maintain a good level of physical activity
  • Minimize consumption of alcohol and if possible just consume 3 to 4 shots of red wine per week
  • Minimize and manage well stresses as stress can’t be avoided, yet managing them appropriately can be helpful
  • For smokers, aim to quit smoking totally as it has substantial negative impact on health

PDE5 Inhibitors Medication For ED

PDE5i drugs such as Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® are medications for male sexual impotency and they’re believed to be more effective compared to mechanical devices like penis pumps and extenders. However, based on recent research findings, experts found that depending a lot of taking these medications do not solve every man’s issue when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction.

Penis or Cock Rings

Cock rings are used in conjunction with penile vacuum pump device to help tapped the blood drawn to the penile shaft for sustaining a longer-time erection. Cock rings are made of elastic material that is slipped onto the base of the penis upon achieving erections through pumping. Cock or penis rings can be obtained through your local sex stores, or can be ordered online through retailer stores like Amazon.

Penile Vacuum Devices

Vacuum Penis Pump

Penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax are very popular solutions for erectile dysfunction prior to the availability of PDE5i drugs, and newer solution like the shockwave therapy as an alternative to Viagra. Today, conventional air vacuum penile pumps are still in used widely. These vacuum pumps are available at your local sex stores and usually, comes with numerous attachments including a set of cock rings. However, just as with any other innovations, there are certain improvements and new versions are developed and made available to its potential users.

A few years back, a new breed of penis pump has been invented known as the Bathmate hydro penile pump, which is our featured penis pump device. While Bathmate penis pumps are widely used by men for penis enlargement purposes, Bathmate is also an effective penile health therapy device, just as with the conventional air pump.

Other Solutions and Options

The ones mentioned above are among the most common and non-invasive options. However, in certain cases, invasive solutions might be implemented by a urologist for some reasons including penile injections. There is also a solution known as pellet therapy wherein a bio-identical hormones are used for normal hormone level restoration purposes. Additionally, in certain extreme cases, a penile implant is done, which is also known as a penile prosthesis.

A demo on how penile prosthesis is carried out;

Parting Words

While aging is inevitable, always keep in mind that sex is more than just a penetration, and hard penile erections. Sexual impotency treatment can be more effective with long-term results if both partners are involved in the treatment process. Treating erectile dysfunction is implemented to men suffering with it, but the female partner has a huge role to play on the road to erection recovery and sexual glory. When both partners work together, the sexual experience would be a lot better and exciting. Keep the communication line open, as this is a means to better understanding each other and compensate what the other partner lacks.

Before I end this article, I would like to share with you this documentary about Andropause, which the information contained could be useful for those who are seeking more about it specially those who have it.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with a webinar that talked about Andropause and Prostate Health.

Hopefully, these additional videos right at the end of this article could provide more and deeper insights about men and aging process along with its potential consequences. If you need more info or want to know more about your conditions, consult your doctor.

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