How To Use Bathmate Hydromax In The Bath Tub and Shower

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Bathmate hydro pump series from Hercules to the latest and greatest Hydromax Xtreme are easy to use in different environment such as in the bath tub or shower. Using it on the bath tub is more comfortable and relaxing. Simply sitting and relaxing for a few minutes in the bath tub with warm water for warming purposes; and then, begin the pumping routine.

Once enough pressure is reached upon pumping, just relax and wait for a few minutes and re-pump to increase pressure when necessary. On the other hand, beginners who are first-time Bathmate users may find it somewhat difficult on how to get started. If that’s your case, watch the video below as it visually demonstrates different ways of using Bathmate pump including using the shower strap for a hands-free experience while doing shower.

This guide may not be as much useful for advanced users especially those who have been doing penis pumping for quite awhile and have been able to formulate their own routines. However, first-time users are advised  to take time to learn using the pump to make penis enlargement effort a lot more effective and safe.

One thing that is clear before performing the main pumping routine, make sure you are fully warmed up. Warming up is very important as it prepares the penis for the pumping pressure it will undergo during pumping routine. Simply submerging yourself or sitting on the bath tub with warm water for five minutes is good enough. Warming up also opens up the blood vessels or erectile  chambers in the penile shaft become more active and this makes the pumping routine a lot more effective.

Moreover, if you’re into manual routine such Jelqing or stretching, both manual exercises are also great to be used as warm-up exercises before doing Bathmate routine. Remember, Bathmate hydro penis enlargement pumps have been proven effective since it was first introduced. Additionally, just like any device, Bathmate is safe to use as long as the user follows safety guidelines and recommendations given in the users guide.

If you are a first-time user and a beginner in penis enlargement without prior experience, don’t jump into pumping without consulting the user’s guide. It’s OK and normal to get excited, but think of safety. The user’s guide is there for a reason, and just like any product, the user is advised to consult it before using the product, and Bathmate hydro pumps are no exception.

Proper Usage or Operation of the Hydromax Latch Valve

Hydromax series pumps, X30 and X40 are fitted with a new latch valve system. The video below demonstates how it works and how to use it properly.

There you have it! The necessary fundamentals of using the Bathmate Hydromax pumps. That should be enough to get stared with your penis enlargement journey using hydro penis workout. If you have been doing other penis enlargement methods such as manual exercises or even using a traction penis extender, you’re going to love Bathmate experience. The pumping sensation is a great experience, but one thing to keep in mind, DON’T OVER PUMP. Beginners and first time users, follow the user’s guide recommendation.

Should you have any concerns about your Bathmate purchase, you can contact Bathmate customer services for faster reach. Bathmate customer services can be reach at their official website, or simply CLICK HERE.

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