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5 Unhealthy Habits To Avoid For Maintaining Libido

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When it comes to factors that can diminish sex drive in both men and women, there are several to consider. It’s perfectly natural and part as a human to experience the rise and fall of libido.

However, if you can exactly pinpoint on what causes the diminishing sex drive over a period of time, it’s always a good idea to closely look at the unhealthy habits that are being done unknowingly day after day.

Better Sex Drive

It’s not just the habits inside the bedroom but extend your views far beyond as well as examine closely from the inside because sometimes, the closest problems we have are those we can’t view them, although we feel them.

The decline in testosterone level can affect the level of sex drive not just on men but also in women. One study found that increasing testosterone level in women also helps increase sex drive plus experience better and more intense orgasms even during andropausal period.

Below are common ways in which you can rev up your testosterone level in a natural way. In the past article, we’ve covered some of the foods with libido-boosting properties helpful for overcoming erectile issues.

Right now, right here, we’re going to explore five easy to follow libido hacks that can help maintain the spark of your interest in sex, not to have sex with anyone, but to spice up your relationship with your wife or girlfriend or significant other to the next level.

Sex is a powerful emotion and can trigger a domino effect on many factors including happier relationship, better health, and among many others.

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1. Not Regularly Ingesting Enough Libido-Boosting Minerals


Eating foods that have libido-boosting properties can definitely spice up your sexual performance. Oysters have been known to contain a mineral zinc, which is vital for the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Zinc is also available in a wide array of male enhancement supplement brands, and one of them is Male Extra, but you can find more wide variety of supplement choice containing zinc at Amazon.

Taking supplementation with zinc can be a good idea if you don’t like eating oysters. Other rich natural sources of zinc is lean meat, and vegetables like green beans, brussels sprouts, asparagus, pumpkin, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

Another mineral you don’t want to be lacking with is magnesium. It’s rich in many natural sources as well including dark green leafy vegetables, fish, beans, whole grains, avocado, bananas, organic dark chocolate, nuts and seeds. It’s also available in a wide array of supplementation choices. Check out Amazon’s listing of their best-selling magnesium supplements.

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2. Too Much Alcohol Can Derail Sex Drive


Excessive alcohol consumption especially if it’s habitual can have tremendous negative impact on sexual health for both men and women. An occasional shot of cocktail or wine to help you get in the mood is fine, but drinking like there’s no tomorrow and worst if it’s done daily can take its toll of diminishing sex drive.

Know that alcohol itself is a depressant, and if consumed excessively it can havoc the man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual penetration. Too much alcohol not only it makes libido in its downward trend, it can even result in erectile dysfunction. And, when it’s not stopped, it can lead to permanent erectile or sexual dysfunction.

You don’t have to totally avoid alcohol. Instead, drink in moderation. However, the word “moderation” is somewhat abused to some degree. What is really a moderate alcohol drinking? Well, for me I drink a shot once a week, and sometimes I can go as far as 3 shots, but no more. You might want to do the same.

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3. You’re Not Getting Enough Rest Nightly


No human can get away without sleeping. It’s a natural cycle of the human body to rest, recover, and heal. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re ruining your overall health and particularly your sexual health.

Sleep provides the body the opportunity to invigorate and rejuvenate so when you wake up, you’ll have all the needed energy to tackle throughout the day. Try to think the time when your libido was high, was it you didn’t sleep well? Certainly not!

Aim at between 5 to hours of quality sleep every night. Plus, if you do your job of eating the right foods, you’ll be able to burn calories while sleeping, and thus it makes losing weight easy to achieve.

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4. You’re Not Paying Attention To Your Stress Level


Stress is very common and can’t be avoided. It’s a part of life and we got stress developed along with us since the early evolution of human. While you can’t avoid or completely eliminate stress, managing the way you handle stress is key to minimizing stress level without affecting health including o course, sexual activity.

You can’t have good sex when you’re so stressed or haven’t handled the stress appropriately. Also, when you’re stressed, don’t take psychotropic drugs as it might worsen the health condition, although it might appear helpful short-term, it’s not really in the long run.

There are many factors that can increase the level of stress including job-related, school, home, and family, or some other hundreds of reasons a person can be stressed.

So, practice prioritizing things and learn to say “NO” if you can’t do it, or at least don’t make any promises if you’re not sure you can’t make it. There are effective ways to de-stress like performing exercise on regular particularly high-intensity interval training, which make you sweat and release those tension in the body easily.

The combination of deep breathing, meditation and yoga is a great one to de-stress, but make sure to practice this regularly even when you’re not stressed.

Regular practice of meditation and deep breathing are both useful in training the mind and body to work in harmony and calm way.

When you’re calm, it’s easy to think and handle any stressful situation keeping the level of stress very low. Having sex itself is an amazing stress relieving activity, so make sure you combine all these on regular so you’ll be able to learn by yourself which combination works for you best.

Remember, too much stress is not sex-friendly, but managing stress does, and having sex boost good mood making stress almost noticeable.

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5. You’re Consuming Way Too Much Sugar


Sugar can be found in almost anything you see and buy in stores and big supermarkets. What’s even worst, it’s refined sugar and in some cases artificial sweeteners that are far worse than real sugar.

It’s impossible to completely avoid them, but you can control your consumption and keep it at minimal. Sugar raises the hormone insulin, which is also known as fat storing hormone. Don’t get me wrong, insulin is an important hormone, but when it’s out of control, it can be detrimental to health.

Too much sugar consumption can lead to belly fat accumulation, which is an absolutely bad fat because it’s not just fat that stays there doing nothing but releases toxins to the body. In turn, this can cause many metabolic diseases and even erectile dysfunction in men.

So pay attention to your sugar consumption and always aim to keep it minimal. Pay a huge effort on implementing as this can either make or break your health.

It if breaks your health, you’ll suffer. On the other hand, if you do aim to control your consumption of it, you’ll enjoy good health, and of course, an active sexual activity.

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Make sure you get the right size as it’s important when it comes to achieving desirable results. Check the Bathmate quick reference size guide, and see which one fits yours.

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