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Tips For Improving Male Sexual Health and Performance

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A lot of men are looking to last all night long in bed, and if you’re reading this because you want to achieve it, you’re not alone as numerous men are in constant search for solutions when it comes to lasting longer in bed. In short, a lot men are looking to improving their stamina and sexual performance in bed. It is an innate characteristics in men to always in a hunt to enhance performance in an effort to satisfy and be perceived an alpha-male to his female partner.

Most men are looking for somewhat magical and quick solutions when it comes to male sexual virility enhancement purposes. While there are some quick solutions available, one should take note that in order to achieve a long-term and permanent results, a continuous effort and certain lifestyle changes should be followed. It’s true, there are numerous safe and well-tested male enhancement pills or supplementation available, but take note, these solutions only supplements for one’s overall healthy lifestyle. It’s very surprising to see numerous men are using supplements or pills as their primary way of improving virility. This is wrong as supplements, even those clinically-tested by third party labs won’t be effective if one engaged in an unhealthy way of life.

So, before venturing and spending your hard-earned money on expensive supplementation, read through these basic and fundamental tips that can substantially improve your sexual performance, as well as health. Keep in mind, the body’s overall health and wellness directly affects his sexual health. This is not just true for men, but for women, as well. However, for this purpose, we’ll only cover about men, but keep in mind some of these tips are also applicable for women.

Cardiovascular Health and Sexual Performance Connection

Cardiovascular Health

The penis, in particular during erection involves blood pressure and proper blood flow. During erection, brain sends sex-arousing signals to the penis, which in turn expands the penile erectile tissues to expand due to the rushing of blood flow achieving an erection. The heart pumps blood to the entire body, and so does to the penis when erection happens.

Any problems or disruption of proper blood flow during this process can make the penis achieve soft erection not suitable enough for penetration. Sometimes, good erection quality can be achieve, but for only a short period and the penis could go lump when the blood vessels in the penis are not able to sustain quality erection long enough to allow the female partner reach orgasms. Or, worse, in cases when a man has no more capacity to achieve erection, which is a condition known as erectile dysfunction.

So, always be in good shape specially with the body’s circulatory system. In short, if you have a healthy heart or cardiovascular system, your sexual health and erections in particular are also in good quality resulting to better performance and satisfaction for you and your partner.

In some cases, an erection aid device like Bathmate penis pump along with cock rings can help a man achieve erections and able to maintain it along the entire duration of the intercourse. Although, this is helpful, one should take this as a temporary option and should always aim to maintain better health and lifestyle to achieve a naturally longer and stronger erections. Of course, when achieving such a good and healthy erections, penis pump can still be use as a therapeutic purposes, or exercise device that can help maintain better erections.

Here’s a further reference between cardiovascular and sexual health connections as stated by AHA(American Heart Association)

The Importance Of Being Physically Active

Physical Activity

When it comes to physical activity, or performing regular exercises, cardio or high-intensity workout tend to work well. In particular, perform HIIT(high-intensity interval training) as this type of cadio workout works better than long-hours of continuous cardio, plus it helps to burn calories quickly and effectively.

In the past, high intensity workouts are though to be bad for health, but recent studies found it to be beneficial instead. Of course, overdoing it can lead to various unwanted results, but a regular short high-intensity interval workouts can be very beneficial. You don’t need any special equipment or membership to achieve and perform this. In fact, you can follow along the scientific 7-minutes workout. Although, take note if you have some problems physically, always consult your doctor prior to doing any HIIT workouts, or you can consult a personal fitness trainer in your area.

References For Recommended Adult Physical Activities

Doing regular physical activities and not necessarily doing exercise can do wonders in improving your sexual drive, and overall performance inside the bedroom. So, what I mean on physical activities? While it is very common to use the term physical activities for exercises, doing fun activities that involve the entire movement of the body including swimming, running, or playing sports like tennis, badminton, table tennis, or basketball are among the intensive physical activities having the equivalent of cardio exercises at home or gym. Even those men involved in working heavy lifting of machinery and tools can be considered an intensive physical activity.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition For Good Erections

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is just as important with maintaining a physically-active lifestyle. In fact, both good nutrition and physical activities go hand-in-hand in providing the body the necessary strength and nutrients resulting to a better level of physical fitness. Of course, the penis is no exception to enjoying the benefits of good nutrition. Here are some of the common foods that have been found effective on improving blood flow; hence achieving better erection.

  • Onion and Garlic – Considered as contributor to bad breath, but excellent for blood circulation. Eat them, and just brush your teeth after eating.
  • Bananas – While sodium has a sweet spot to avoid high-blood pressure, potassium contains in banana is heart-friendly. In fact, banana is considered among the aphrodisiac foods.
  • Chilli and Peppers – It seems that all foods that are naturally spicy are beneficial to improving blood flow, reducing inflammation and hypertension.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Omega-rich foods include fishes like salmon and tuna, olive oil and fruit like avocado are helpful in heart-health maintenance.
  • Vitamin B1 – Peanuts, kidney beans, and pork are rich in Vitamin B1, which is beneficial to the body’s nervous system that includes the brain. You might think, why brain? The most powerful sexual organ is the brain. When the brain sex, it will send sexual arousal signals to the penis causing erections. So, it does matter to maintain the proper nervous system health.
  • Eggs – Yes, very common, yet very important part of a typical daily diet that is rich in other B-Vitamins beneficial for balancing hormonal levels reducing stress, which is one of the major sex drive killers.

There is one catch, though. You have to incorporate these foods regularly in your typical daily diet. Eating or incorporating these foods in a seldom fashion won’t be of much benefits specially if majority of your diet is based on highly processed foods. Shift to natural or real food diet like fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes particular salmon and tuna that are both high in Omega-3 fatty acids. If you can go organic at all time, do it and ignore the highly processed foods.

Minimize or Reduce Stress Level

Manage Stress

As I’ve previously mentioned earlier, stress is one of the major sex drive killers. Don’t get me wrong, stress can be transform to positive if you know how to do so. However, for most people including you(perhaps) don’t have any idea how to do it. In that case, you have to minimize it as you can’t totally eliminate it. It’s a matter of handling stress in an efficient manner because it is left uncontrollable it can raise heart rate in a bad way, as well as blood pressure. When this happens, both sexual drive and performance are significantly affected.

One of the effective way to become effective at handling stress is through exercise, which I’ve mentioned earlier also. In fact, running has been considered by some doctors as less prescribed medication for stress. Lots of doctors prescribe pharmaceutical-based medications to stress, but in fact, exercise including running is one of the safe and natural treatment for stress.

Yoga, meditation and relaxation through deep breathing are all effective for stress management. You can either enroll for a Yoga or meditation class, or simply go to YouTube and search for tutorial or follow along videos you can stick and do on a regular basis. Combine it with deep breathing exercise, you’re good to go in managing and reducing stress to a controllable level. You might want to consult your doctor prior to doing any of these just as with physical activities to ensure safety and effectiveness if you have certain health issues.

Plus, cutting off the bad habits or lifestyle like smoking and heavy alcohol consumption can be very helpful in improving not only the overall health, but for sexual health, as well.

Sun Exposure To Some Degree Is Healthful

Sun Exposure

Exposing the body to the sun inhibits melatonin production in the body naturally, which is a hormone that facilitates better sleep, yet it also control for sexual urges. When there is less level of melatonin, sex drive or libido can boost significantly. In addition, sunlight is one of the source for Vitamin D, that has also provides vital functionality to the body. So, get out and face the sun. Of course, if you’re out on the sun, make sure you put on your sunblock.

Obtaining Professional Help

Seeking Professional Help

While these tips mentioned on this article are helpful for most men, there are those who might suffer serious sexual dilemmas including severe erectile dysfunction, or physical penile deformities like Peyronie’s disease that need professional and medical attention. If you’re among these men, don’t be shy to consult and talk to your urologist.

You have the right to know the proper treatment, maintain a healthy lifestyle and active sex life. Don’t be deprive yourself on this right as even if many refrain from talking and accepting the truth, sex is one of the strongest emotion that when harnessed appropriately is a good therapeutic or health maintenance.

In most cases, if you start on our own, start with the right nutrition, and physical activities as both of these are vital to health maintenance and sexual health. If you intend to use Bathmate for penile therapy purposes, make sure to check Bathmate pump size that fits you well. Of course, make sure to get Genuine Bathmate and avoid fake one.

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