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Study Found Erectile Dysfunction Medications Can’t Fix All Sexual Problems

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Even in the midst of medical advancements producing medications for erectile dysfunction, men are still concerns in achieving quality erections, better and more satisfying orgasms, as well as maintain high level of sex drive, or libido. Today there are several choices when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment including Viagra and Cialis, but taking these pills do not ensure men suffering from erectile dysfunction to be sexually satisfied.

According to the recent study findings conducted by British researchers that include David Lee, a research fellow on aging of School of Social Sciences at University of Manchester found, men who regular take PDE5 inhibitor medications are continuously expressing more sexual dissatisfaction and concerns with their overall quality of sex life than men who don’t have erectile issues.

David Lee stated; Their sexual function improved, but these men weren’t reporting that they were any happier with their sexual relations with their partner.

One of the researchers, Dr. Landon Trost stated that men who are taking ED medications like Viagra were also found to be more frequently engaged in sexual activities than men who don’t suffer from ED. This concern increases the possibility that men who regularly rely on Viagra are more mentally caught up in sex resulting to likely be more critical or demanding in their sexual experiences. As Trost added, Viagra users are more worried about their sexual health than those men who are natural healthy without erectile or any sexual dysfunction problems.

Now, that worrying part is very vital to look at in my opinion. Worry, can result to stress and as researchers proved stress is one of the major killers for sex drive, or libido. These men should not only take the medications with the doctor’s prescription, but I think doctors who prescribed the medications should also consider endorsing the person to a counselor to have some sort of mental assistance. Sex in men does not only involved the penis, but mental, emotional, and physical. These all works together to achieving a better and high level of sexual drive.

Education also plays an important role on men taking medications. Letting them know to shift towards a healthy lifestyle can significantly help them overcome the problem and eventually free from taking Viagra-type medications. Also, it is helpful for men if they can use some sort of physical stimulation on their penis such as using Bathmate pump. Penis pump like Bathmate hydro pump is not only designed for penis enlargement purposes, but for penile healthy therapy, as well.

2012/2013 Survey On English Men

Over 26,000 English men were surveyed by researchers and asked about their details and specifics on their sex life including whether they were taking PDE5 medications.

  • 7% – reported using PDE5 medications like Viagra and Cialis
  • 21% – reported untreated erectile dysfunction
  • 9% – reported using PDE5 inhibitors but still have difficulty achieving erections
  • 4 of 5 reported positive effects on their sex lives using PDE5 inhibitors
  • 30% – still concerned about sexual satisfaction and quality of life

In comparison to men not suffering from erectile dysfunction, only 16% expressed their concern on their sex lives; while 18% reported sexual dissatisfaction. In addition, 19% of men suffering with erectile dysfunction but didn’t take any treatment reported concerns on their sex lives; and 48% reported sexual dissatisfaction.

Note that, dissatisfaction in this case does not imply less sexual activity. Approximately 97% of men who used PDE5 inhibitors reported sexual activities in the past year, compared to 88% of men who don’t have erectile dysfunction problem.

  • 68% – men taking PDE5 inhibitors with frequent sexual intercourse
  • 50% – men without erectile dysfunction with frequent sexual intercourse

According to the researchers, physical aspect may be a part of the overall issue, and according to Dr. David Samali, men who take PDE5 inhibitors may also need help in dealing with emotional and mental aspects.

It’s not just the mechanical part of sex you have to treat. Getting at the psychological part also is necessary for many men,” Samadi said. “The knee-jerk reaction of prescribing Viagra will not always ensure success.

With regards to it, infertility experts and urologists should also advise men who suffer with ED and taking Viagra-type medications to undergo some sort of counseling, if possible couple counseling or therapy should be done. In most cases, involving the partner during counseling or therapy is more effective than simply the man alone. The female partner plays an important role on this matter, so couple sex therapy is highly recommended than just simply taking medications.

ED Prevention Tips

Just as with any other health conditions, sexual condition like erectile dysfunction is preventable, and as always, it’s a good idea to aim for prevention or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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