Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To ED

Study Finds Vitamin D Deficiency Is Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

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Most people I think are familiar with vitamin and its abundant source, the sun. However, what the majority aren’t aware is when to spot a deficient in vitamin. But, first what is vitamin D? It points to a group of fat soluble secosteroids, which is responsible for better absorption of other minerals into the body including zinc, phosphate, iron, calcium, and magnesium. In human beings, considered the most important groups of Vitamin D are vitamin D2, or calciferol and vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol. Vitamin D can be obtain from natural sources like fish oils, and liver. But the most abundant and provides the best type of vitamin D is the sun.

At present, there is no shortage of claims when it comes to health benefits of vitamin D. It propels new study to discover more areas in health where vitamin D may help. One recent study conducted in Italy at University of Milan by Alessandra Barassi, MD finds low level of vitamin D in men may increase risk of erectile dysfunction. As mentioned, one of the primary role of vitamin D is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorous in the blood. It also helps calcium absorption vital for strong bones and bone development.

The study looked at 143 men with varying degrees or condition of erectile dysfunction. The researchers used a method called penile echo-color-doppler sonography in assessing vascular quality. According to their study findings published at Journal of Sexual Medicine, low levels of vitamin D might increase risk of erectile dysfunction due to endothelial dysfunction. All the patients or subjects shared common status for low level of vitamin D.

The insufficient vitamin D levels may stimulate the generation of superoxide ions, which are free radicals. These superoxide ions deplete the nitric oxide, which is helpful when it comes to facilitating proper blood flow as it helps relax or dilate the blood vessels. Therefore, depletion of nitric oxide, blood vessels may not be able to relax and dilate hindering proper blood flow including to the penis resulting in a weak erection. In fact, NCBI(National Center for Biotechnology Information) recommends that men suffering from erectile dysfunction should have their vitamin D levels checked.

In a different study entitled Does vitamin D deficiency contribute to erectile dysfunction?, researcher Marc Sorenson and William Grant concluded;

The research presented suggests that many common mechanisms underlie both cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction, and that vitamin D deficiency is closely associated with both disorders. We hypothesize that optimizing serum vitamin D levels through sunlight exposure or vitamin D supplementation helps delay the onset of ED. Coupled with positive changes in lifestyle, such optimization may restore normal sexual function to some men….

Below is an interview with Marc Sorenson by Kirk Hamilton about vitamin D, erectile dysfunction, sunlight and diabetes. It’s a 47 minute long interview, so make sure you get yourself a cup of tea or coffee which is a good idea while listening to the interview. Plus, drinking coffee according to recent study can help boost erection quality and helpful for men with erectile dysfunction.

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Sunlight and Skin Cancer

Experts agree the most abundant and best quality source of vitamin D is the sun, or sunlight. However, this idea is somewhat conflicting with other experts said which sunlight can cause skin cancer. And, there are other experts said that it is not ideal to use sunscreen as it blocks ultraviolet rays that is responsible for the production or conversion of vitamin D into an active form.

It’s confusing isn’t it? Well, it is indeed, but if you do a bit of research about skin cancer and sunlight, there are numerous experts in the field agree that sunlight does not cause skin cancer. Here’s one interview with naturalistic individual Andreas Moritz, who is also an author of many books on health that can be obtain at explain sunlight does not cause skin cancer.

If the explanation in the above video is not enough, here is another video which is an excerpts from several experts in the field that sunlight does not cause cancer and you shouldn’t use sunscreen because it blocks the ultraviolet rays that is responsible for converting vitamin D in the skin into an active form in which the body uses for numerous functions.

So, get out and have sun exposure whenever the sun is shining. Sunlight is good for humans, and I’ve seen this with my own eyes that it really never cause cancer. I’ve watched thousands of construction workers who are exposed to sunlight all day long without applying any sunscreen, and didn’t any negative effects except for the skin turning tan, which is a natural reaction of the body for protection.

How To Know Your Current Level Of Vitamin D

At this point, you may have realized already how essential Vitamin D for the body. If you suspect you’re deficit in vitamin D, the only way to know for sure is to have yourself tested. There are several ways to approach testing.

One is to ask your doctor do it for you, which is recommended if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing plus the doctor can immediately give assessment if there is any deficiency as a result of the testing.

Second, you can purchase yourself a vitamin D testing kit which is available at your local drug store, or you can order one from If you find yourself deficit in vitamin D level, it is always highly recommended to consult your doctor and ask advice about what proper action to be done in order to compensate the deficit.

There are also various vitamin D supplementation that you can take, but still a good idea to talk to your physician to make sure there are no side effects happen along the way.

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