Stress and Erectile Dysfunction

Stress Is A Psychological Process That Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction

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There are a number of factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction and some of the common ones include psychological conditions like stress. There are also several factors that can trigger stress including stress in day to day life, work or career, financial matters, or even interpersonal relationship with the spouse. In some cases when there are psychological processes going on like depression, it is important to seek medical treatment or professional help for it.

Regardless, stress is an important factor to consider as one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. When stress is found to be the culprit of ED, it should be addressed as early as possible before it can turn into something more serious medical condition.

There are certain ways to help minimize stress including lifestyle changes, incorporating relaxation routine daily like deep breathing or meditation, exercises particularly stretching like Yoga, or even doing HIIT, which is vitally important physical activity that can reduce or relieve stress. In fact, recent study have shown to boost sexual function in men doing cardio.

Why Stress Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s always a wise idea to put a priority on keeping yourself calm, but with today’s hectic world including family matters, work, or even numerous schedules for weekends and meetings, it may seem impossible to calm down. The good news, you can calm down and slow down for a minute and do relaxation.

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