Effects When You Stop Having Sex

8 Things Could Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

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The many health benefits of sex are undeniably amazing. However, when you stop having sex for some reasons, a lot of negative things could happen to your body.

Of course, not everyone will get affected by these negative impacts but know that one or two might affect you at a certain point. For instance, when you stop having sex, you’ll deprive yourself of experiencing the better mood-lifting effect of it.

This is not to say that no alternatives to having sex giving the same benefit. However, sex is such a powerful emotion that it affects almost every aspect of the human body both physically and psychologically.

8 Impacts When You Stop Having Sex


So, let’s explore what could possibly happen to your body when you stop having sex.

1. Vulnerability To Sickness


One of the health benefits of sex is it boosts the body’s immune system. In one study1, researchers find that quality sex can boost the body’s cardiovascular system including the immune system.

Additionally, it adds happiness an life satisfaction in both men and women although they’re more favorable to women. Moreover, having the sense of happiness and feeling it all the time has been found beneficial to boosting immunity2.

2. Easily Get Stressed


It’s true that one of the benefits of having sex particularly quality sex is stress relief. With regular sex, it allows the body to have control over the release of stress hormones and increase the level of the feel-good hormones.

Having the right balance between stress and feel-good hormones is important. This keeps the body healthy and clear thinking avoiding the vulnerability to stress.

Stress is impossible to eliminate. It’s a part of life as a human being. However, when it gets uncontrollable and reach a certain point where it becomes chronic, it’s unhealthy and even fatal. Having a regular frequency of quality sex, it’s helpful in maintaining the proper balance of hormones.

3. Difficulty Getting Sexual Arousal


If you stop having sex and at some point in your life you decide to do it again, you could have difficulty achieving sexual arousal. In one study3, researchers find that having frequent sex is favorable to easily achieving arousal even in older adults.

In men, it’s measured by erection quality while subjective sexual arousal in women. So, stay active sexually. Of course, always implement sex safe practices.

4. Alter Your Dreams


When you stop having sex, you may notice experiencing strange dreams about sex. It might involve negative things like suffering.

Some people may not be experiencing weird sex dreams but instead, they’re having orgasms while sleeping.

5. Possibility of Losing Interest in Sex (Overtime)


When the body senses you’re not having sex anymore, it lowers the production of sexual hormones. Eventually, you’ll feel less and less interested in sex especially if you’ve abstained it long enough.

This means you will notice a decrease in your sex drive or libido as the sexual hormones that stimulates it starts to decrease, too.

6. Feeling of Detachment From Your Partner


While there are couples who happily live in sexless situations, most of the time, there would be a feeling of loneliness or detachment from the partner. Sex, although it’s not the ultimate thing that binds two people, it has a kind of connection that keeps the fire burning between two partners.

It’s true that love is powerful but love between couples should be accompanied by sex. It is sex that put more colors to love and the emotion that fuels movements and inspirations of life.

When you stop having sex, it’s really difficult to keep up with love only unless in situations where having sex is impossible.

7. Lowers Your Self-Worth


Although this does not happen all the time, when you stop having sex can lead to a feeling of less self-worth. Probably, this is due to a sense of not having being desired.

Mostly, women are the ones affected by this negative impact of not having sex anymore. The DailyMail reports that lack of sex makes women feel angry.

8. Increases Risk of Cancer


This particular negative impact of lack of sex affects men. One study says that men who have frequent orgasms are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

The study says that the frequent orgasms in men help flush out the pipes resulting in a significant reduction of cancer risk.

Final Thoughts – Would You Stop Having Sex?


While there is evidence that supports the following negative impacts you stop having sex, they’re not definite. Certainly, you see people or perhaps, know someone who stops having sex but feels good and living happily.

These negative effects of not having sex are presented not to put fear on the readers but inform these could possibly happen. On the other hand, when one experiences any one or combination of these effects, know that there are alternative things that can prevent them.

For instance, it’s almost unknown to the Western world that people in the East who do meditation and yoga abstain from sex and yet they’re perfectly healthy.

Therefore, why not take advantage of these practices, and although ancient, modern medicine finds them valuable even to these days.

When you stop having sex and being fearful that you could be experiencing any of these, try the following;

  • Stay active physically with regular exercise
  • Do a regular yoga practice
  • Complement your yoga practice with meditation
  • Maintain good nutrition plan or eat healthy foods
  • Socialize and connect with your friends preferably in person3
  • Lend a helping hand4 5

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