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One Simple Stress Relief Trick While Travelling

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One of the most difficult things a couple faces is loneliness and stress while apart due to travel. This is an unavoidable situation especially if the partner travels very often. However, one study finds a simple stress relief trick that might help a couple who are far apart.

Simple Stress Relief Through A Scent

When a couple is far apart from each other, the feeling of loneliness and stress are unavoidable. While there are many better means of communication these days, there is no substitute for personal availability.

However, one study finds that scent can be a good stress relief trick. In this study1, researchers find that smelling a romantic partner’s shirt is helpful in relieving stress.

At present, the findings in this study seem only to benefit women. The study concludes;

Perceived stress was reduced in women who were exposed to their partner’s scent. This reduction was observed during stress anticipation and stress recovery. Cortisol levels were elevated in women who were exposed to a stranger’s scent. This elevation was observed throughout stress anticipation, peak stress, and stress recovery.

However, the researchers are looking on conducting a separate study whether scent has a similar effect on men. The lead author of the study says scent might have a similar stress relief effect on men.

Marlise Hofer, a psychology graduate student at the University of British Columbia says that she sees men smelling their partner’s hair while in the queue. This may be a good sign that the stress relieving benefit of scent might just be as beneficial for men.

Man Smelling Woman's Hair

Taking A Piece Of Your Partner’s Clothing

One of the health benefits of sex is stress relief. But, since it is impossible to have sexual contact while traveling and away from your partner, taking a piece of your partner’s clothing can be a good idea.

Moreover, it would be ideal to take a clothing that’s been recently worn. This is to ensure that your partner’s scent sticks to it at maximum and smells so strong possible. It makes smelling more realistic, and probably, a better way to relieve stress.

Furthermore, letting your partner know may be a good thing, too. But, you have to experiment it as to which works better. For some, it may be worth allowing the partner to know as one can use and smell the clothing while having a conversation over a video call.

This makes more fun and somewhat romantic for the couple, as well. It is also a great way to show foreplay, which in turn can boost orgasms on the couple especially on women.

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