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Having Sex Once A Week Is The Sweet Spot For Happiness

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Sex is good, and there’s no doubt about it. One study1 published in late of 2015 found that the sweet spot frequency to having is once a week. The lead author of the study, Amy Muise said that it could due to pressure on half of the couples who were asked to double their sexual activity. Although, there are many other studies that looked at the link between sex and happiness, the findings in these studies are not enough to justify such a link.

Every couple is different and what consider frequent from one couple may not be similar in others. Sex is just part of an overall means to achieving wellness and happiness in couples. Here’s a good video that discussed the research findings. There are many reasons in which the study haven’t looked at such as the quality of sex. Certainly, quality matters over quantity.

What Is Quality Sex?

If quality sex matters, what and how to achieve such a desirable sexual connection? Quality sex is not about pleasing one partner. Quality sex is about having both partners enjoys doing it together and each reaches orgasm and satisfied. Quality means it involves foreplay where the intimate connections between partners are established. Orgasm is the highest peak in sex. This is the point where the body releases its tension and then relaxes. The point of orgasms is satisfying and when both partners reached this point, I think that’s a high-quality sex.

On the other hand, there are individuals both men and women who can’t reach orgasms due to underlying health issues. For instance, there are men who have a hard time allowing their female partners to reach orgasm due to premature ejaculation. When you have this particular problem, there are solutions if you look for them. But, probably the most important thing prior to finding a solution is to accept the problem. Most women understand this situation if men talk to them heart-to-heart. Who wouldn’t listen and willing to help if one ask for it?

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