Sex Health Benefits

What Makes Sex Beneficial For Health?

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Sex is a powerful emotion in each of us. Unless you belong to the 1-3% of asexual people, you’re going to be sexually attracted to someone and eventual have sex. Well, that’s natural. Besides it’s pleasurable, there are plenty of sex health benefits to enjoy.

Furthermore, having a good sex every time has many psychological benefits such as intimacy, understanding, and sense of comfortability between partners.

10 Sex Health Benefits

Let us explore the common sex health benefits. Most of these beneficial positive effects of sex have been backed by science.

Sex Health Benefits

1. Relieves Headaces

When you’re having sex, it’s not just about sensations in the genitals but affects the brain, too. There are things happen in the brain while having sex.

As a matter of fact, every time you engage in a sexual intercourse, it releases tensions in the veins of your brain. Moreover, it not only releases tensions but also encourages the growth of brain cells beneficial for long-term memory.

2. Beneficial In Unclogging Stuffy Nose

Sounds weird, right? Well, not so weird. Frequent sex is actually beneficial for clearing a stuffy nose. As a matter of fact, there is a study1 on it. Although it only looked at men, this could also be beneficial for women.

Although the study is just a hypothesis and no clinical trial, yet, it’s interesting. In real-life experience, it does work. And, why it works? The study suggests that because the nasal passages and genitals are both connected to the body’s sympathetic nervous system.

3. Gives Women Softer Hair

This makes sense when we say, the more sex you have, the beautiful a woman becomes. This may not so much beneficial for men, but for women. Well, it might save you some money on beauty products.

In the book Why Women Have Sex, the author mention a wherein postmenopausal women who had sexual intercourse at least three times a month had less vaginal atrophy than those who had sex less than ten times a year.

The author adds that having sex can increase the presence of estrogen and testosterone; a burst of the body’s testosterone is thought to help fortify bones and muscles, and estrogen promotes healthy vaginal tissue, soft skin, and shiny hair.

4. Experts Consider Sex As An Exercise

Certainly, regular exercise leads to better sex. However, are you aware that having sex itself is consider a physical activity?

One study2 in 2013 concludes in their findings that sexual activity on some occasions a significant exercise. Of course, you need to have an enjoyable sex for at least 25 minutes to burn 100 calories. Otherwise, you’ll only be burning 21 calories in just 6 minutes of sex.

If you and your partner decide to consider sex as an exercise, you should increase your intercouse time. For men, pay attention to focusing on doing exercises like Jelqing and Kegels that can boost your sexual stamina and avoid premature ejaculation.

5. Sex Makes Your Skin Glow

We’ve mentioned earlier that sex can make women’s hair softer. Well, it has the same positive effect on the skin, too. When you make love in relaxing way, smoothly and slowly, it is helpful for reducing acne and skin rashes.

Additionally, the sweat you’re experiencing provides cleansing to the pores, which is essential for having a glowing skin. And, if you’re like this woman, she’s using sperm to achieve amazing skin.

6. More Sex, Better Sleep

During a romantic date and having a romantic dinner, it would be good to burn off those calories. Although it only happens on some occasions, burning these excess calories is a healthy idea.

Well, having sex for at least 25 minutes can be beneficial. In addition, it helps achieve a better sleep. Recently, the Mirror reports a study that plenty of sex and sleep is key to happiness.

7. Relieves Depression

Probably, one of the most important sex health benefits is its ability to relieve depression. In today’s hectic home and corporate environments, depression becomes a common buzzword.

Well, have sex very often. In fact, oral sex alone is beneficial for women in fighting depression. And, another advantage for women as one study finds semen has an antidepressant effect.

For men, don’t worry as it seems sex is only beneficial for women in fighting depression. Having orgasms alone provides many health benefits including longevity and stress relief. Just make sure you find an ideal time for sex especially if you’re into having a baby.

Of course, to avoid a stressful and the feeling of being forced to have sex, you and your partner should talk about how many times to have sex each week or each month.

8. Sex Is Effective As Valium

For those who are using valium, you know it’s tranquilizing and relaxing to the muscles. However, valium can have a toll on your sex drive, or libido. If you want to avoid things that can throw off your sex drive off course, avoid or at least minimize the use of valium.

On the other hand, as long as you do sex in a timely manner meaning without being forceful on it, it’s many times effective than valium. Good quality sex can be relaxing, stress-relieving and even help reduce depression.

9. Sex Releases Pheromones

First, what are pheromones? Pheromones are chemicals release by the body as scent and serves as an airborne chemical messengers. And, pheromones are essential for sexual attraction especially for men3.

Women can easily sense if a man releases pheromones. This makes the attraction more exciting leading to more and better sex.

10. Kissing Is Healthy

Kissing is relaxing, pleasurable and among many other health benefits. One of the health benefits of kissing is it helps in fighting teeth cavities preventing tooth decay.

Of course, you have to make sure that you and your partner should have a clean mouth. Brushing the teeth prior to kissing is helpful and makes kissing fresher and more exciting.


There’s no doubt that having sex is truly exciting and pleasurable. Plus the health benefits do not stop there. While these are very exciting sex health benefits, these are just a few. Of course, when you do them very often and appropriately, the health benefits can have a domino effect.

Of course, to experience a good and healthy sex, you should be healthy, too. Therefore, take care of your nutrition eating only foods that are nourishing particularly those aphrodisiac foods. On the other hand, don’t skip exercise. In fact, combine diet and exercise to achieve physically and mental fitness.

The cycle continues from staying heatlhy to having good sex, and then eventually reaping the many sex health benefits. And, this simply goes on and on.

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