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One Secret To Improving Male Fertility and Sperm Quality

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There are many ways to improve fertility and erectile functions in men. From drinking coffee to boost erections, eating certain foods to prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction, and having frequent orgasms to maintain prostate health.

There are many tips for men in order to maintain and boost virility, as well as improve fertility. Of course, there are certain lifestyle changes that need to be addressed in order to achieve and maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle.

However, we haven’t covered one important male sexual health tip, yet…and that’s how to maintain male fertility and produce healthy and happy sperms. Although there’s a long list of health tips found elsewhere, there’s one simple thing a man can do in order for him to produce healthy sperms and that’s regular consumption of nuts.

This health tip is actually taken from a study conducted by Italian doctors where they found a handful of nuts can truly boost male fertility.

Mixed Nuts

The study is due to be completed this May 2016, but no results were published, yet on this study in which doctors started back in 2014.

Researchers conducted the study in a hospital in Turin, Italy (Azienda Ospedaliera Citta Della Salute e Della Scienza di Torino) where they took 100 men to prove their theory that eating as little as 7 nuts a day can have positive and significant improvement on sperm quality. The nuts given to the 100 men include walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.

This theory was first put into a study by a team of researchers in the University of California back in 2012.

They took 117 healthy men with age ranging from 21 to 35 years old with a diet typical in the Western society by with the addition of 75 grams of whole-shelled walnuts per day over a period of 12 weeks. What they found was an improvement in semen quality, sperm morphology, motility, and vitality.

Findings demonstrated that walnuts added to a Western-style diet improved sperm vitality, motility, and morphology.

The researchers concluded, there is a direct association between the increase in polyunsaturated fatty acid consumption and significant improvement in the quality of sperms experienced by the participants.

Nuts contain a high amount of these polyunsaturated fatty acids. For instance, walnuts is packed with arginine, an amino acid essential for boosting sperm production, and is mostly found in certain male enhancement supplements.

Peanuts, which is one of the nuts given to participants in a recent study mentioned earlier is rich in zinc, another mineral vital for maintaining ideal sperm count and motility.

It has been said that up to 20% of men have low sperm count, and this number is increasing. A man can be considered with low sperm count if his number of sperms is fewer than 20 million per ml of semen. Keep in mind, your semen is not the sperm, but it helps protect and carry the sperms from the point of ejaculation and depositing it inside the woman’s vagina.

The quality of sperms has been declining as discovered by a Danish study published at Oxford Journals Human Reproduction back in 1992. What’s more alarming, it’s not just the quality of sperms in men is in a declining trend, but abnormal sperms are increasing.

This trend is due to the unhealthy lifestyle practices, a bad diet where the quality of foods also declined due to a depleted mineral found in soil due to massive use of chemicals.

And, speaking of chemicals, our exposure has been increased because the rampant usage of a wide variety of chemicals in many industries including farming polluted our environment.

Not to mention, the prevalent use of wireless technology these days which emit EMF(electromagnetic frequency) which is also harmful for humans and is considered carcinogen by the UN. Of course, when not use responsibly can annihilate the human male sperms.

Fortunately, getting back to the basics with healthy lifestyle practices by eating whole foods and avoid consuming highly processed and refined foods, we can be certain in maintaining good health. Of course, a handful of nuts is helpful.

And, another study found that European Eel may also be helpful for improving sperm quality.

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