Daily Orgasms On Prostate Cancer

Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer By Having Orgasms Everyday

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One article published at The Journal of American Medical Association back in 2004 found there was no evidence linking prostate cancer development and frequency of ejaculation. Now a recent study by Harvard researchers found a more interesting information that frequent orgasms particularly ejaculations reduced the risk of prostate cancer. According to Jennifer R. Rider, one of the Harvard researchers it is not necessary to have sex to achieve orgasms, but ejaculations through masturbation counts.

Prostate Health

The study recently conducted as the largest among the studies conducted in the past. Researchers found based on their observation and from the data submitted by the subjects upon answering the questionnaire, men who ejaculate 21 times or more per month were 22% less to develop prostate cancer than men who only ejaculated as few as 7 times per month.

They hypothesize that orgasms particularly ejaculations help in flushing out chemicals that can cause cancer, and even those old cells. Additionally, Jennifer Rider noted that even the data they’ve collected are compelling, these are only observational data, which means there are no actual clinical trials done where there are controlled subjects.

This is more of a survey and researchers follow-up the subjects after a period of years through a questionnaire. The study consist of 32,000 healthy men as subjects with 3839 men found to develop prostate cancer, which accounts up to 12% of the total subjects.

With all these in mind, researchers caution on interpreting the results. However, with open-mindedness when it comes to prostate cancer risk factors, what they found is encouraging. The researchers also consider other factors for developing prostate cancer including lifestyle, screening history and dietary habits of the subjects.

How Dietary And Lifestyle Changes Affect Prostate Health?

According to an article published by UCSF(University of California, San Francisco), plant-based diet plays an important role for maintaining a healthy prostate. In general, good nutrition may reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer. This has also been acknowledged by the Harvard researchers as mentioned earlier, and it does make sense to pay attention and give weight to nutrition when it comes to preventing and reducing the risk of not just prostate but the many other types of cancers that may potentially develop.

There are men who may develop an enlargement of the prostate instead of cancer. In this case, healthy diet also plays a substantial role, as well as taking supplementation like Saw Palmetto.

Can A Vacuum Device Help Maintain or Prevent Prostate Problems?

A vacuum device like Bathmate pump and penis traction device can only be helpful after a surgery like a prostatectomy. A man’s best bet for maintaining good prostate health would be eating a healthy and clean diet, healthy lifestyle, and have regular sexual intercourse. It’s a natural process of the body, plus having frequent sex has many other benefits aside from prostate health.

The short lesson we can get from this recent study done by Harvard researchers is that… while the link between reduced risk of prostate cancer and frequent ejaculation is somewhat promising, it is still vital to consider other factors that can prevent and reduce risk of prostate cancer like clean and healthy eating healthy, as well as practicing and living a lifestyle while enjoying a regular sexual intercourse activity.

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