A Centenarian Sex Therapist Tips To Having Good Sex

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According to Shirley Zussman, sexual pleasure is a part of what men and women want from each other. Among other things essential in a relationship include intimacy, closeness, understanding, comfortable with each other, having fun, and someone who cares every moment in life. Everyone who wants a successful relationship is looking at these qualities including myself. Fortunately, for me, I’ve experienced all these and there’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling having a partner for life with all these ideal qualities in a relationship.

Great Sex

Furthermore, in order to achieve these qualities of a good sex, each partner has the responsibility to live and practice a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve better results, the couple should agree on what is a healthy lifestyle and what not to do.

Each partner should aim to be healthy and help each other fill-up what the other lacks. It is in this manner when a synergistic effect is achieved and everything will fall in place to have a rewarding relationship.

By aiming and maintaining good health, everything including sexual performance such as maintaining libido will always be there. Exercising together is another activity in which a couple can do on a consistent basis.

For couples who want to have children, it is vital maintaining a good fertility for both partners. Certain foods rich in certain minerals like selenium can be ver helpful in maintaining male fertility.

Although people have different opinions on this one, but having regular sex and orgasms is somewhat a healthy activity. Sex alone is therapeutic especially if it’s the kind of sex we’re talking here.

For men, it is important to maintain good quality erections to maintain better performance in bed everytime. Certain foods along with regular exercise and even drinking coffee are helpful means of avoiding erectile dysfunction and maintaining good erection quality. Of course, for older men, regular penile stimulation or exercise using a hydrotherapy device like Bathmate can be helpful, as well.

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