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The Woman Who Holds The Perfect Female Body, Scientists Say

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We, humans come in different shapes and sizes not to mentioned some races are smaller while others bigger and taller. We all come from the union of the male sperm and female egg, but due to genetics, we were born different in terms of shapes and sizes.

Lately, we’ve witnessed fat shaming all over the internet, and here’s one of the most recent.

In 2012, the Newcastle University funded a study on body attractiveness by creating a 3D interactive model of what an attractive female and male bodies. The study was published in PLosOne. And, in 2014, another study conducted on facial attractiveness where researchers find slimmer faces are better compare to fatter faces.

In the following year 2015, scientists at the University of Texas defined what is the perfect female body. The lucky woman who holds that perfect figure is model and actress Kelly Brook with height at 1.68 meters and with the following measurements at 99-63-91.

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According to the scientists;

This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect.

And, just this June, she still holds the perfect body figure according to TheSun.

What’s Your Ideal Female Body?

Men have ideal preferences for their ideal female partner, and so does women. However, does figure matters in a relationship? In reality, the figure does not matter as long as both partners enjoy each other’s company, good communication, respect, and have a deeper connection beyond physical.

On the other hand, when it comes to health, it’s a different story. According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, body shape matters particularly those with bigger waist. This is not just for women, but for men and children, as well.

How To Achieve The Perfect Figure?

Due to today’s eating habits and prevailing lifestyle, many men and women are out of shape but wanted to have that ideal figure crave by the opposite sex. So, how do you achieve the perfect figure? Are dieting and rigorous cardio exercise are essential?

While both have vital roles to play when it comes to achieving a perfect figure, there’s nothing more effective than setting the goal prior to doing both. Meaning, a person can have the best or a strict diet, and regular physical activity, but it won’t be sustainable in the long run as it can make him or her tired of doing it.

Hence, by first changing one’s perspective and goal is vital. Instead of aiming to have a perfect male or female body, aim at becoming and staying healthy. When one aims to be healthy and be healthy at all times, it changes his or her decisions in terms of choices of foods and practicing a healthy way of life. When this happens, everything will fall into place and that includes achieving the perfect figure.

It may not be perfect, but it’s close to perfect. The good when one achieve this level is one starts loving more himself or herself. The more you love your body, the more you’re going to care for it through food choices, exercise, and live healthy lifestyle practices. These practices include getting enough rest every night, quit smoking, minimize or eliminate alcohol, and prefer eating healthy foods preferably organic.

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