Obesity Kills

Obesity Increase Risk Of Early Deaths In Men

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Today, the obesity rate is increasing especially in Western countries like United States, U.K. and Ireland, and Canada. However, it’s not just in these developed countries where obesity is trending, but also in developing countries in Asia and South America. Hence, obesity is now a global health problem killing more people than hunger.

What’s more alarming is that a new study published in The Lancet where researchers calculated that obesity increases the risk of early death in men. This study is actually a meta-analysis of over 200 cohort studies in the past conducted in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and North America. The researchers’ calculation is based on BMI measurements excluding other confounders like smoking. The researchers’ conclusion;

The associations of both overweight and obesity with higher all-cause mortality were broadly consistent in four continents. This finding supports strategies to combat the entire spectrum of excess adiposity in many populations.

On the other hand, since the researchers relied on BMI data, some health authorities like UK NHS has some comments on it as BMI alone is not a reliable measurement and not a realistic predictor for a person’s health. In fact, one study concluded that BMI accuracy is limited.

Studies like these are good, but for us who don’t have the knowledge to interpret the data, it’s confusing. So, are we just going to listen and follow what the researchers and health experts told us based on the study? Is it fine to just stay overweight? These are just among the many questions I asked, or are there any ways we can take control of our health without going through these confusing studies? Despite the fact that efforts from health authorities from around the world to fight obesity, the rate is just keep increasing.

When I became overweight myself and my wife back in 2006, I thought it was just the norm. However, when we feel sick and stress, I decided to go the opposite route and do my own self-research if there is something we could do in order to solve our health issues. At that time, we were eating health based on recommendations from health authorities, and we try ourselves to stay active physically, but there was little to no improvement at all. We were frustrated, stressed, and our sex lives and relationship suffered, as well.

Then, I’ve learned that being overweight can affect one’s sexual health specifically the quality of erections. So, we decided to stay away from processed foods including refined sugar and carbs like bread. Hence, no more cakes, candies, sodas and virtually everything in the groceries that are packaged and loaded with refined carbs and sugar. Initially, it was difficult, but as we go along and find swaps for the foods we get rid of, it became easier and now a part of our regular lifestyle.

In other words, we lose weight as well as improve our sexual health through diet eating only whole foods. We exercise regularly, avoid unhealthy habits that can havoc our health, and regular orgasms.

Another benefit of losing weight and maintaining a well-balanced body meaning neither overweight nor underweight is such a good feeling. Walking and running, as well as playing the sports you love, doing the house chores and more are very easy thing to do. What’s even more interesting, for those who are on a journey of increasing their penis size, losing weight and melting away those abdominal fat allows more growth as those portion of the penis buried in fat is now visible. So, losing weight is healthy and good for those who are doing penile health therapy and size enhancement routines.

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