New Female Partner Quality Sperms

New Female Partner Makes Men Produce Better-Quality Sperm

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Men who often engaged in casual sex produce better sperm quality. This is the finding of one study1 done by researchers at College of Wooster.

During the study, the male participants masturbate on seven porn films over a period of two weeks. Of course, each participant is doing his masturbation in the privacy of his home.

Of the seven porn clips, the first 6 have the same actress but the seventh clip featured a totally different woman.

What’s The Results?


During the first 6 porn clips, the male participants were ejaculating at their normal pace. However, when it comes to the seventh clip with a different woman, men ejaculate faster and earlier.

Another interesting happens, the volume of their semen during ejaculation is higher and contain a higher concentration of healthy sperm.

Unfortunately, the researchers were uncertain why? However, they believed that this could be due to an adaptation via evolution allowing Paleolithic men a stronger ability to impregnate. And, not only impregnate a single woman but with multiple female sex partners.

During the dawn of mankind, this is crucial for survival purposes ensuring the bloodline will continue to exist for future generations. On the contrary, this view is generally disapproved.

In our study, men produced higher quality ejaculates when exposed to a novel, rather than familiar, women. Additionally, men ejaculated more quickly when viewing a new woman after being exposed to the same woman repeatedly. These data suggest that males preferentially invest more into novel sexual situations involving unfamiliar women.

What’s Your Experience?


Certainly, having sex aside from procreation has many health benefits. However, not all men are doing sex with multiple female partners.

Still, a lot of men are monogamous and many men in this type of relationship may still be ejaculating faster due to having no control over it. On the other hand, some men who have developed their skills over time through certain penile exercises including a Bathmate routine are able to prolong their performance in bed.

Moreover, some couples take it to the next level practicing a sort of sexual kung fu. It means having sex for an extended time for both pleasure and healing purposes. Men who are practicing this method of sex are able to achieve orgasm without ejaculation.

A New Insight To Solving Male Infertility


The researchers have a new insight on this new findings. They said this could provide new insights in fields of evolutionary biology and human evolutionary psychology.

Additionally, this is also promising for applications on male fertility medicines and supplements. Of course, foods like nuts are valuable for boosting male fertility.

One researcher Paul Joseph, a 2014 Wooster graduate adds;

Male infertility may be under-diagnosed since the ejaculates produced for analysis and for procreative purposes are generated under two different scenarios. Ejaculates produced for procreative purposes are usually generated with a familiar woman, while those that are analyzed in a clinical setting are usually generated while viewing images depicting a novel woman. Thus, the ejaculates produced in fertility clinics may be of higher quality than usual, which may conceal any potential fertility problems experienced in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts


So, should you get involve in multiple female sex partners? For sure, this idea does not spark everyone. However, if you do get involve in mutiple sex partners, it’s obvious it’s not for reproduction purposes, most of the time.

One clear goal, it’s for pleasure. Regardless of your purpose on engaging into casual sex, always remember safe practices.

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