Why Men Get Erections At Night While Sleeping And During Morning?

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Erections experienced by men at night, but most noticeably during dawn is called nocturnal penile tumescence in medical term. It is also commonly called as “morning wood”. These erections occur because during the day, the brain releases noradrenaline also sometimes referred as norepinephrine. It is a hormone that prevents blood from entering the penis, hence preventing erections. However, while sleeping particularly during REM(rapid eye movement), the body makes less noradrenaline allowing more blood to enter to the penile erectile chambers resulting an erection. This happens between 3 to 5 times per night typically

Significance of Nightly or Morning Erections

Having consistent erections while sleeping is an indication of a healthy blood flow in the body including the penis. The erection process requires blood and experts determine that a regular erection needs approximately 130 ml of blood to maintain the hardness of the penis.

Another vital function of nocturnal erections is it helps maintain the penis in good shape. Multiple occurrences of erections at night while sleeping also indicates that penile tissues in the penis are stretchy and soft meaning blood easily flows for a better sexual performance and function. Additionally, this also facilitates the relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis, which is a good indicator of a healthy penis.

Another reason why it’s essential to have regular nocturnal erections is it makes the relaxation and contraction of these soft muscle tissues. Prolonged contraction or inactivity of these soft muscles decrease its stretchiness making it difficult for the blood to enter the erectile chambers when an erection happens during sexual arousal. Without nocturnal erections, the length of the penis may retract, which is also known as penile shrinkage.

What To Do If Less or No Nocturnal Erections Happen?

If you noticed a decrease occurrence of nocturnal erections, it may not be bad all. You might still experience these erections, but you’re just not aware or wake up when it happens. However, observe if you’re feeling stressed recently, or perhaps you’re not feeling good due unknown causes. If you noticed you’re stressed or depressed, try to unwind through as stress affects sexual health dramatically.

Consider looking closely at your lifestyle whether you’re doing certain things contributing to less erectile occurrences. If you’re taking certain medications like Statin, that can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Regular exercise and eating a healthy and well-balanced diet can also help in restoring erection quality and frequency. Taking supplementations like zinc can also be helpful.

Of course, don’t forget to pay a visit to your doctor, or urologist to have a complete check-up and learn the underlying cause. Your testosterone level may be low, which is why erections are not so frequent compared in the past. There are many other things you can do like exercising the penis either using manual exercises or using the Bathmate pump. But, if you’re in doubt, always consult your doctor for appropriate guidance.

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