Male Fertility Tips

7 Tips To Achieving and Maintaining Male Fertility

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Perhaps the ultimate goal of a male is to pass on his legacy thru his offspring, and that means becoming a father. Male fertility is a vital component in order to become a father and have children. Ejaculation alone even though it contains a huge volume of semen and sperm is not the ultimate way of determining male fertility. It also involves the number of sperms contained in one ejaculation, and how healthy are the sperms.

Before going further, know that during ejaculation men released this white and sticky fluid called semen, and also know that there’s a difference between semen and sperm. Sperms are contained within the semen, and the semen or seminal fluid helps carry the sperm from the point of ejaculation into the woman’s vagina. This is a fascinating journey of the sperms until one of them reaches the female egg and begin fertilization.

Now let’s go some of the tips for maintaining male fertility and have higher chances of getting your female partner pregnant.

1. Ejaculate Regularly – Although, there are no specific studies on whether frequent ejaculation can help with fertility(except this one), experts suggest the fresher the sperms, the better and healthier. This translates men should ejaculate regularly, but too often is not good either. It has been suggested that having a sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times a week results to higher chances of conception. In addition, frequent ejaculation has also been found to be helpful for prostate health according Harvard.

2. Quit Smoking – Cigarette smoking is not just harmful to the lungs, but for male fertility, as well. Cigarettes, when lit and smoked activates over 4,000 harmful chemicals that are released into the bloodstream eventually causing damage at DNA level including the sperms. Hence, if you’re trying and wanting to become a father and none seems to be working, but you’re smoking, it’s time to quit.

3. Get Screened of STI – STI or sexually transmitted infections can harm the sperms either reducing the number or worst damage them. Moreover, it’s really a good idea having an STI as it can also cause harm to your partner particularly her fallopian tubes. In some cases, STI like Chlamydia is unnoticeable until you get screened and tested.

4. Avoid Taking Steroids – This concern is particularly alarming for men who workout at the gym for bulking up. Many men with such goal take steroids to make muscle gains more apparent and quick. However, there’s a negative side as steroids can cause harm to the testicles resulting in a less sperm production. The good news, damage done due to steroids is reversible, but it can take many years to fully recover. If you’re planning of becoming a father, the early you quit taking it, the better.

5. Maintain Healthy Weight – Although BMI(body mass index) is not really accurate at predicting health, it has been found that men with BMI above 30 have a higher risk of lower sperm count compare to men below that BMI number. Therefore, it’s vital to lose weight if you’re overweight and maintain it. The best way to lose weight is not to aim at losing weight, but approach it in a different perspective by aiming to be healthy. Eventually, losing weight and keeping it off follow effortlessly.

6. Include Fruits and Vegetables In Your Typical Diet – The sperms are well-protected in its environment even from the heat this is why the testis where the sperms are stored situated outside of the body where the temperature is lower. However, to ensure further protection against free radicals in the body, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be a helpful endeavor. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body from free radicals including the sperms. In particular, Vitamin E one of the antioxidants protect the sperms, and Vitamin E also has a therapeutic effect on testicular tissue damage due to Fluoxetine also known by trade name as Prozac and Sarafem.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in fruits like berries contain flavonoids that can help in improving erections as study find. Another good reason to consider eating fruits and vegetables as part of a regular diet helps maintain prostate health, which is one of today’s leading cause of death. There’s more to eating fruits, which is why some fruits are known for its aphrodisiac property. Hence, making fruits and vegetables the staple of one’s healthy lifestyle practices is such a helpful goal.

7. Be A Father While You’re Younger – Study find that sperm quality on older men is not as good when they’re younger.

This study shows that men who wait until they’re older to have children are not only risking difficulties conceiving, they could also be increasing the risk of having children with genetic problems.

Therefore, aim at becoming a father while you’re younger. At what age the sperm quality starts to decline? According one study, men aged 35 and above have lower sperm quality.

Our findings project a declining likelihood of pregnancy following intercourse with men >34 years old, independent from the woman’s age and increasing with advancing age. Age-related mechanisms associated with this oligoasthenoteratozoospermic progression are discussed.

However, based on what we’re seeing in healthy men aged 40, there are still men who were able to have children with their partners at this age. Maintaining good health may contribute to having quality sperms even at this age bracket. Men who are at this age but have yet to decide in becoming a father, it’s not yet too late after all. The study didn’t find it’s impossible to have children, the chances are lower compare when men were younger. Taking supplementation particularly zinc supplements and eating foods rich in zinc is another helpful way to maintaining male fertility.

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