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Hydromax X30 Model

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The Hydromax X30 is the new generation of hydro pump. It is the ultimate in hydro pumping technology for penis enlargement and penile hydrotherapy for penile health improvement and maintenance.

The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is more powerful than previous pumps generating over 30% more suction pressure or force. This additional suction power is due to the new designed bellows pumping system, and through this new and powerful improvement, Hydromax X30 users can expect a better and quicker gains.

New Features In Hydromax Pump Series

  • Swivel Bellows – So, let’s talk about the new bellow system in the Hydromax X30. The new swivel bellows incorporates a brand new soft-sealing, and full support comfort ring allowing the user to experience reduced pressure and better comfort experience around the penis and testicle areas.
  • Moreover, the brand new swivel bellows allows a full 360-degree rotation allowing the user to have full visual of the penis inside the pump with an inclined angle modification for maximum efficiency when the pump is used in bath or shower, or when used along with the new Hydromax pleasure ring. And, lastly… In addition, the new swivel bellows is removal making cleaning quick and easy.
  • New Super Flow Latch Valve – this new system allows a the user to fill the pump with water in the shower using a single hand. This improvement makes positioning and using the Hydromax X30 a lot easier.
  • New Metric and Imperial Scale Guide – this has been improved to allow clear viewing of the measuring scale. This measuring scale also has another purpose and convenience as it provides texturing around the Hydromax’s cylinder tube allowing better grip and control when using or performing the pumping routine. Also, the internal size of the swivel bellows system has been increased while the number of convolutes are reduced allowing the user to gain more amazing expansion of the girth.
  • Improved Quality – Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is manufactured in the Bathmate’s own factory in the United Kingdom. All parts that are used in the manufacturing were carefully quality-controlled and made only from the highest materials mouldted to exact specifications and tolerance requirements.
  • Hydromax pumps along with its components have undergone rigorous testing in Bathmate’s own laboratory and have been routinely subject to 100,000 usage cycle test, which is equivalent to three years of typical use.

Below is the Hydromax X30 specifications, and for more info about Bathmate sizes and comparison, check this quick guide.

ModelHydromax X30
ManufacturerBathmate U.K.
Length8.5 inches (254mm)
Girth (Circumference)6.7 inches (170mm)
Weight10 Ounces (300 grams)
Body/Cylinder Composite MaterialPolycarbonate
Gaiter Composite MaterialSkin-Safe Rubber
Spring Composite MaterialStainless Steel
Product ID (BLUE)HM-30-P-AB
Product ID (RED)HM-30-P-BR
Product ID (CLEAR)HM-30-P-CC

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Hydromax X30 is one of Bathmate’s best-selling pump due to its powerful pumping efficiency, comfort and long-lasting quality.

Price: $159.00

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