Hydromax X20

Hydromax X20

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The Hydromax X20 is the latest addition to the Bathmate pump lineup. The X20 has a similar design with the previous and best-selling models, X30 and X40. The difference, X20 design is focused on smaller penis sizes.

It can accommodate maximum girth growth up to 5.5 inches, and maximum length gains up to 7.5. The features are basically similar but since has a smaller size, the power is increased by up to 35% more power compare to Hercules although it’s 25% smaller than X30. Now, you may think what’s the use of using a smaller pump if the ultimate goal is to increase penis size both in girth and length?

Well, Bathmate is simply listening and fulfilling the needs of for those who have penis size under 4 inches. Sure, X30 or X40 can be use without any issue, but when the size is closer to the actual penis size while leaving room for growth, pumping efficiency and power are increased allowing the user to experience faster results and better gains.

For someone whose penis size is 3 inches erect, X20 can be very useful and helpful. Because of its smaller size compare to other Bathmate pumps, it can be easily slipped into a traveling bag for easy carrying during travel.

The Hydromax X20 is another from bathmate for penis size gains and penile health therapy purposes using hydrotherapy technology.

Below is the Hydromax X20 specifications, and for more info about Bathmate sizes and comparison, check this quick guide.

ModelHydromax X20
ManufacturerBathmate U.K.
Length7.5 inches (191mm)
Girth (Circumference)5.5 inches (140mm)

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Bathmate has been committed to fulfilling everyone’s preference and demand. If you have a penis length of 4 inches and below, but want to achieve growth and gains, Hydromax X20 is the best choice. Choosing a penis pump closest to your current size but leaving room for growth is ideal for maximum efficiency with better results.

Available Colors: Red, Blue, Clear

Price: $139.99

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