Poops and Your Health

How To Achieve The Perfect Poop and Should You Care?

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This topic is something that some people feel uncomfortable talking about. However, for health and wellness purposes, we should look at everything in us particularly those things that come out off us because those stuff are good indicators of what’s going on inside. Now, recent studies and many experts agree that good health starts at the gut. This is where the good bacteria live that help boosts our body’s immune system. In fact, there are now scientists studying fecal transplant like the scientists at Johns Hopkins are doing.

Also, in order to look more closely, why not take the time to learn the different appearances of poops. Yes, it sounds bizarre, but the poops come from our gut and how it looks can tell us what’s going on inside our gut…so we can take some action correcting if there’s something wrong in order to maintain good health.

If you haven’t watched the video above, please do so because it offers some good tips about what foods to eat if you have loose stool like banana, rice, apple, and tea. Personally, when I experienced loose bowel movement due to certain foods I’ve eaten, regular intake of apple cider vinegar is effective…at least for me. I normally take apple cider vinegar 3 to 5 times a day with a tablespoon each intake when I have loose stool, and a tablespoon of stool a day when everything is normal. This is just to maintain good gut health.

During times when I’m constipated, I know I lack dietary fibers. So, I simply eat foods that rich in dietary fibers and it will become normal the next time.

Here’s another video that explains why our stool looks different and what causes it?

The Bristol Stool Chart is a reference as to which form of stool is ideal. It has been mentioned in the video above, and here’s the chart below so you can take a look at it more closely.



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