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How Long Should A Satisfying Sex Should Last?

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The last time, we talked about the how often couples should have sex. Now, we’ll talk about how long sex should last? Is there a standardized length of time in having sex?

Here’s a more exciting conversation with The Doctors about how long sex should last? In the video above, premature ejaculation was mentioned, and it is indeed a legitimate and common problem in men today. On the other hand, many women today who have a hard time reaching orgasm due to certain underlying condition, or even stress. I like what Dr. Ashton mentioned in the video below on quality of sex. Quality really matters and this has been mentioned in the previous article.

And, guys… please don’t forget that foreplay and how you do foreplay always counts. Foreplay is not just about kissing, but it’s also about activities outside the bedroom and even flirting with your partner can be considered a foreplay.

The short answer. There is no definite length of time that can be considered a standard when it comes to having sex. I don’t know about you but have you experience there are times that regardless of how long you had sex it doesn’t matter, but you and your partner are both satisfied? Again, what matters is the quality and not the length of time you have sex with you partner.

Moreover, I would like to add that quality sex is also quality time spent with your partner, which means that both you and your partner are focused or mindful that you’re having sex. So, don’t engage in sex with your partner if you’re only to think the pending projects, or the beautiful woman you meet, or anything that does not connect with you partner.

So, mindfulness during sex is also a good one to consider. In fact, there are couples who do slow sex, or orgasmic meditation. Not many couples are doing this, but if you’re interested, you can check out the book by Nicole Didone entitled Slow Sex available at

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