What Men Should Know About Their Health And Maintain It With Healthy Lifestyle Practices

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The month of June we celebrate men’s health week and Father’s day. It is also at this time when health authorities conduct more aggressive campaigns on men’s health such as encouraging men to undergo screening as a prevention and early detection of prostate cancer through PSA test. Unfortunately, one study1 at Standford University led by Thomas Stamey suggest that PSA level is not a good way of determining prostate health.

In the video presentation, Dr. John DeWitt recommended a natural way of maintaining prostate health through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices. Other topics discussed in the video includes the risk of taking cholesterol-lowering drugs and that cholesterol is not at all bad for the body. In fact, eating foods high in dietary cholesterol is now recommended according to study findings.

For those who have no ideas about healthy alternatives, you should watch the video and learn the risks of certain mainstream medications and what are potential alternatives. For instance, Dr. DeWitt mentioned Propecia in the video as a treatment for hair loss, but unfortunately, one of its side-effects is erectile dysfunction. Additionally, cholesterol-lowering also cause ED as one of its side-effects.

If you currently have erectile issues even without taking any of those mentioned medications, opting for a plant-based diet has been found to be an effective way in combating erectile dysfunction particularly eating foods rich in flavonoids. Moreover, for individuals with hypertension, there are certain foods effective in stabilizing blood pressure including foods high in dietary fiber content.

Some tips on tackling erectile dysfunction and low libido with helpful herbs like Panax Ginseng, Maca Root, and L-Arginine which have a beneficial influence on blood vessel health. You’ll find these ingredients on many dietary male virility enhancement supplementations. Even drinking coffee regularly is beneficial for better erection purposes.

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