Healthy Lifestyle Changes For Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy Lifestyle Changes For Erectile Dysfunction Prevention and Aid Treatment Process

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There are numerous factors that can trigger erectile dysfunction particular one’s kind of lifestyle including alcoholism, cigarette smoking, and even taking prohibited drugs. Emotional based problems due to relationship issues can also cause erectile issues, too. Other factors like medications for certain health conditions and health issues are also potential causes that affect a man’s erection quality and overall sex life.

While there are always medical options for erectile dysfunction, it is important to know some of the non-invasive options. Of course, consulting a health professional expert in the field of erectile dysfunction is always recommended in order to determine if there is/are any underlying cause(s) of ED. Most of the time specially when addressed early, certain lifestyle changes are every effective and safe option to solving erection issues. In fact, one study found certain men were able to reverse their erectile dysfunction just by implementing lifestyle changes.

Unfortunately, most of the lifestyle changes in our current modern society are not healthy. The food most people eat on the daily basis are not anymore healthy referring to highly processed foods with loaded sugar and other artificial sweeteners and preservatives that can have unhealthy side-effects in the long run. Added to that, the convenience of sitting in front of a television, or long hours of sitting due to desk jobs are very common. Although, it may not be as obviously unhealthy, long hours of sitting has been linked to various metabolic diseases according to recent studies. Excessive sitting is now considered a disease and as deadly as smoking.

Maintain Eating A Healthy and Well-Balanced Diet

Eating healthy has been a hot topic lately. But, what is healthy eating? Healthy eating involves eating whole foods and avoiding highly processed foods, or if highly processed foods are unavoidable, aim to minimize it specially refined sugars and carbohydrates, as well as numerous preservatives and artificial sweeteners hiding from almost every food display on supermarkets. The best way to minimize or avoid consuming highly processed foods is to eat mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables. When eating fish, make sure the fish is wild fish and when it comes to beef it’s always a good idea to pick grass-fed beef.

When you have access to whole foods, the question is how much is too much to be considered as healthy eating? Well, eating just a little and being mindful makes the stomach send satiety signal to the brain. The great thing about eating whole foods, they have lots of fiber content and it’s easy to feel the fullness or satisfaction, but still it is important to note to eat mindfully and slowly allowing the food to travel through the intestines until it reaches to a point where the digestive system tells the brain there is enough food.

Another benefit of eating healthy is its effectiveness at controlling weight. Overweight and obese men tend to experience erectile dysfunction than men who are skinny and healthy. Although there are men considered healthy even they’re overweight, it is still on the verge of developing metabolic diseases and that include erectile dysfunction. ED sometimes can be triggered by other health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Avoid Sleep Deprivation and Always Get Enough Sleep Nightly

Sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain and obesity, which both are triggers for erectile dysfunction. A 2011 Brain Research found the impact of sleep loss on male testosterone level, and also confirmed that low level of sex hormones is linked to sexual dysfunction. The secretion of hormone is controlled through the body’s internal clock system. Sleeping according to body’s natural clock sleep cycle can help release certain hormones at the right time.

Even without the research and intervention of a medical professional, try to deprive yourself of sleep in several succeeding days and notice your sexual drive and erection. Certainly, a significant decline in sex drive and erection quality are both apparent. Imagine if a person do it for months, or even years what could the long-term consequences of sleep deprivation. It would not be a decline in sexual function but loads of other health conditions including stress, obesity, and many more.

So, if you’re experiencing a low sex drive lately, or erection seems to be not as hard as the previous days or weeks, notice your sleeping pattern lately and see if you’re depriving yourself of sleep. If so, try getting back to the normal sleep rhythm known as the circadian rhythm by sleeping 6 to 8 hours nightly along with eating healthy and regular exercise. These combination alone are great starting point for non-invasive, natural, and safe erectile dysfunction treatment.

Regular Exercise For Staying Active Physically

In the previous article, it was mentioned the importance of physical activity for male sexual health. One , research found the importance of cardiovascular exercise indicates improvement in ED condition. Aside from physical activities like doing cardio, high-intensity interval training, or Yoga, pelvic floor exercise has also be found helpful for improving erectile dysfunction condition. (1) (2). Kegels is the name of the pelvic floor muscle exercise. It’s easy to do, although it takes time to practice to make one efficient at doing it. To learn on how to do it, this Kegels exercise instructional guide may be helpful.

When doing regular exercise, it works on various fronts to reverse erectile dysfunction. Exercise include blood flow throughout the body which is vital for strong and hard erections. Regular exercise promotes the increase of Nitric Oxide in the blood, which makes circulation efficient as it dilates the blood vessels, a similar effect when taking ED medications like Viagra, but the huge advantage of doing exercise it has long-term and no side effects. To further help the penis boost its erection, using Bathmate pump to physically stimulate or exercise the penis makes it even more effective.

Moreover, exercise like weight lifting or strength training helps promotes natural production of testosterone, which is a hormone responsible for various functions in the including boost energy, and of course, increase sex drive and improve erection quality.

Smokers, Decide Quitting Smoking Starting Today

Smoking is not only related to lung cancer but loads of other serious illnesses and other cancers, as well. Although, it may not seem obvious, immediate effect of smoking is constriction of the blood vessels. When this happen for a prolonged period could result to vascular disease eventually narrowing and blocking the arteries. Regardless of cigarette types even those called smokeless tobacco has a similar effect. In fact, even e-cigs according to recent study findings contain harmful chemicals similar to that of a real cigarette. (1) (2) (3)

If you smoke and have a difficult time figuring out how to quit due to withdrawal symptoms, seek professional help. There are numerous quit smoking support today both online and some local community provides it, as well. You may also coordinate with your doctor on possible other options for quitting smoking like nicotine replacement therapy.

Check these websites for more options of quitting smoking;


Minimize or Eliminate Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can lead to either temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction as it is a depressant. With a heavy intake of alcohol, it depresses the body’s central nervous system, which is responsible for the release of Nitric Oxide, an essential chemical which the body produce for dilating the blood vessels vital for achieving and maintaining hard and sustainable erections.

Contact An Expert In Acupuncture In Your Area

Digging into the depths of medical research, there are actually studies on acupuncture as part of erectile dysfunction treatment (1) (2) (3), but the findings are not conclusive and further future studies are recommended. However, one particular study published in the JACM(Journal of Alternative And Complimentary Medicine) found using acupuncture as ED treatment for men who experience the side effect of taking antidepressants like SSRI(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and SNRI(serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors). Side-effects resulting to sexual dysfunction due to taking antidepressants affect at least 50 percent of the people taking it, and sometimes can reach as high as 90%.

Resorting To Natural Remedies

Natural and herbal based remedies for erectile dysfunction had been around for centuries. Fortunately, today we don’t have to travel across the globe just to obtain certain herb. Most of these herbs also known as aphrodisiacs are now available as dietary supplementation. However, note that not all male enhancement supplementation are created equal. So, pick only those who have reputable record and from reputable source. Most people and even doctors don’t recommend them due to their little to no effect, and in some cases if not chosen carefully can lead to some side effects.

However, male supplementation that contain real ingredients can help improve one’s sexual function as long as the supplementation is combined with healthy eating and regular physical activities. This is one limitation of supplementation and unfortunately most people and even some experts ignore this missing link. Male virility enhancing pills work only as a supplement or support to a healthy way of life. Taking supplementation while smoking a pack a day plus drinking alcohol everyday of the week won’t be effective.

If you plan of taking natural or dietary supplementation whether it be for male virility enhancements or for general health purposes, make sure to work on your healthy lifestyle first because you can take as many as you can perpetually and spend thousands, you won’t experience noticeable benefits from it. Healthy eating, enough rest, regular physical activity makes supplementation work and efficient.

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