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What Happens Inside The Brain During Sex and Orgasms?

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We’ve covered in the previous article about the fascinating story and journey of the human male sperms. Now, we’ll go into something more intricate. Have you asked yourself what’s going on inside your brain during sex especially during orgasms, or in the case of men, ejaculation?

One of the leaders in this area of research is Gert Holstege, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Groningen, Holland. Holstege and his team of researchers identified why physical touch is vital for men during sex and why women should be comfortable with their partner in order to reach orgasm. They found more activity within the areas of the brain associated in the significance of physical stimulation during sexual arousal in men compare to women.

According to the researchers, the study, through understanding how the human brain works and controls sexual arousal, erections, and ejaculations, it would be easy to confront male sexual issues including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The present study for the first time reveals brain regions involved in human male ejaculation and orgasm.

The brains of men and women interpret this type of stimulation differently. For women. the primary feeling is there, but for men, it is much more about what it means when they are being touched.Gert Holstege

Gert Holstege also conducted two other studies on brain activation sexual climax and pituitary activation during female orgasm.

Quick Facts About Brain On Sex

  • When a woman reaches orgasm, parts of her brain that control anxiety and fear are deactivated.
  • The most powerful sex organ in human is the brain.
  • Semen contains protein that triggers female brain resulting to an ovulation.
  • Music is just as addictive as sex and drugs to the brain.
  • During orgasms, the same area of the male brain is stimulated just as taking heroin. Hence, it is strongly suggested that sex is just as addictive even masturbation. But, of course, it can controlled just like anything in life.
  • Males are tired after sex due to the chemical released during orgasm while females stay alert and awake, but this sometimes not correct as my partner sleeps immediately after we make love. Hmmm…
  • Although it seems to come together, love and lust activate different areas in the brain.

Why Men and Women Think Differently?

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