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Organic Grass Fed Meat vs Factory Farmed Meat

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Lean meats are rich in zinc, a mineral essential for men’s health.

However, there are two types of meats to choose from namely grass fed and factory farmed meat. Which meat should you choose?

Recently, Dr. Mark Hyman asked Chris Kresser on this matter and he’s what he said;

Factory Farmed vs Organic Meat

Today, unfortunately, organic meat are not as much abundance as conventional meats. When we say conventional meats, these are meats coming from mass farming, or CAFO(concentrated animal feeding operation).

Before we go further and explore the reasons why you should eat organic meat, let us have a quick look on CAFO. Here’s a video, which is a trailer of the book CAFO:The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories.

Are you aware that most of us are being fed with meat from a CAFO environment? You can find these meats in major supermarkets, fast foods, and even the meats used in canned products.

So, do we have a choice?

Fortunately, there are still farmers raising cows in an old-fashioned way. These are the cows eating grass just like the old days. The meats the come from these grass fed cows are organic. This is the kind of meat you should be eating for the following reasons.

3 Reasons To Choose Organic Meat

  • Organic meats are 47% higher Omega-3 fats This is one of the healthy fats we should be consuming. It’s anti-inflammatory, and beneficial for heart and brain health.

  • Animals raised in farms are given antibiotics. Conventional mass farming uses antibiotics to promote rapid growth. However, the use of antibiotics in animal farming is causing an imbalance in microbiota1. Eventually, this leads to various illnesses in the long run and bacterial resistance.

  • Pesticide residue is linked with increased risk of ADHD in children and may have adverse effects on adults, too. How did the pesticide residue end up in factory farmed meats? The feeds that these animals fed on came from farms using modern way of farming. Unfortunately, it involves the usage of pesticides in a massive scale to increase yield. So, does this mean organic meats are free from pesticides? Not really, but the levels are much lower.

Organic vs Grass Fed

Aside from the question choosing between organic and farmed meat, there’s one more thing we should consider. Organic meat does not mean 100% grass fed.

Organically raised animals’ foods may include grains, but they’re also eating grass. The good thing about organic way of farming, there are no antibiotics unlike in CAFO. Plus the animals are not confined and can eat grass when available.

Grass fed animals, on the other hand, are 100% grass eating animals. Animals that are grass-fed have more nutrients because the grass contents most of the nutrients. When the animals eat grass, they biotransform those nutrients to make it absorbable by humans.

These nutrients include vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin K2 and many antioxidants to name a few.


When it comes to this topic, it’s really confusing. The best way to get a truly grass-fed and organic meat is to get it from a farmer you know raising animals the old way.

To explain more on this confusing meat classification and the way animals are raised, here’s Dave Asprey.

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