Bathmate Goliath Hydro Pump

Goliath Model

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The Bathmate Goliath is one of the first generation hydro penis pump and 30% larger than Hercules model. To date, Goliath hydro pump is the largest hydro penis enlargement pump available. It is design with specifications that enables man to achieve as much gains in length and girth and maintain penile health.

Below is the Goliath’s specifications, however for more size comparison, see the Bathmate size guide.

ManufacturerBathmate U.K.
Length10.5 inches (267mm)
Girth (Circumference)9 inches (229mm)
Weight10 Ounces (300 grams)
Body/Cylinder Composite MaterialPolycarbonate
Gaiter Composite MaterialSkin-Safe Rubber
Spring Composite MaterialStainless Steel

Bathmate Goliath Pump

The BIGGEST Hydro Pump Bathmate Ever Made!

Goliath can accommodate up to over 10 inches of maximum length gains and 9 inches maximum girth growth. If you’re someone aiming to achieve such size, go for Goliath.

Price: Unavailable (replaced by Hydromax Xtreme X50)