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Flavonoid-Rich Foods Improve Sexual Health In Men and Lower Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

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Flavonoid is an entire family of nutrients. Research suggests that all different flavonoids have a very powerful impact on gene expression and cell signalling pathways, which play a role in many health issues. This is why every one of the flavonoids are so healthy. As mentioned, flavonoids is a family, and there are different categories namely; flavonols and flavanones, anthocyanins, flavones and isoflavones.

That’s good news, right? But, are you eating enough? A recent study Details of the study in PDF published at The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found regular consumption of flavonoid-rich foods can lower risk of erectile dysfunction, a sexual issue in men having the inability to achieve and maintain erections suitable for sexual intercourse.

Truly, it can be more helpful to regularly eat foods that are rich in flavonoids as part of an effort to avoiding erectile dysfunction. In fact, incorporating these flavonoid-rich foods in a healthy and clean diet along with regular physical activities and a healthy lifestyle can be more beneficial than simply relying on ED medications alone, which is not really that effective and provide sexual satisfaction. This proves why drinking coffee can lower risk of erectile dysfunction, as well because coffee just like chocolate and other foods touted as aphrodisiacs are rich in flavonoids.

Moreover, this new study findings makes more sense now why dietary changes can improve overall health, and particularly sexual health in men like the prostate. The authors of the study concluded;

These data suggest that a higher habitual intake of specific flavonoid-rich foods is associated with reduced ED incidence. Intervention trials are needed to further examine the impact of increasing intakes of commonly consumed flavonoid-rich foods on men’s health.

Of course, you don’t want to forget to take a regular dose of Vitamin D, which is vital for health. Going back to the newly published study, it’s a large one that included 50,000 middle-aged men. The data gathered by the researchers go back as early as 1986, and since then researchers collected data every 4 years. Mainly, the subjects were asked their diet’s consistency plus their ability to achieve and sustain erections.

While the majority of the men were healthy, a third of them have erectile dysfunction issue. Other factors like body weight, caffeine consumption, smoking habits, and exercise were also taken into consideration. However, among the men with erectile dysfunction issues, those who included in their diet foods rich in flavonoids experienced 14% lower erectile issue than those who consumed less flavonoid-rich foods, and the effects were strongest among the younger men. Professor Aedin Cassidy already know that high intake of flavonoid-rich foods is helpful in lowering risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Top Flavonoid-Rich Foods

Flavonoid Group Food Sources
Anthocyanins Aubergine, blackberry, black currant, blueberry, banana, strawberry, pear, cabbage, cranberries, plums, raspberry, garbanzo beans
Procyanidins or Flavan-3-ols Chocolate, green tea, beans, cherry, apples, bananas, blueberries, pears, peaches
Flavanones Orange juice, grapfruit juice, lemon juice, tomatoes
Flavones Parsely, celery, capsicum pepper, apples, oranges, watermelon, lettuce, cantaloupe, bell and chili peppers
Flavonols Onions, apples, curly kale, leek, romaine lettuce, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, almonds, turnip greens, quinoa, sweet potatoes
Isoflavones Soy products like soy flour, soybean, soymilk

What This Means To You and Me?

Most of the time studies like this are good as a baseline, and we should not rely on it alone. However, one thing is clear, eating whole foods particularly organic and non-genetically modified produced are among the best we can have in our body for better health and well-being. Also, note that, isoflavones, for example, the best food source is soybean. However, there’s some bad news because most soybeans are genetically-modified specially in the U.S. Therefore, always make sure the soy products you are consuming is a the organically produced.

In addition, it should also be taken into consideration just like what the researchers did in the study to consider healthy lifestyle. Including flavonoid-rich foods in your diet could be more effective along with regular exercise, non-smoking, minimize alcohol consumption(even with red wine), and getting enough rest every night.

All these count towards a better health and well-being, which in turn boost sexual health, stamina, overall performance, and quality of life.

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