Fascinating Sex Facts

Fascinating Facts About Sex Worth Knowing

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Certainly, sexual emotion is strong and unknowingly to some, it also offers numerous health benefits and not just simply for sexual satisfaction and reproduction purposes. You may not know but regular sexual activity can result to a happier relationship, healthier mind and body, and even longevity. Experts even suggest it can possibly prevent and protect against cancer.

So, let’s explore together the numerous benefits of having sex.

Sex Releases Tension and Stress

In the previous two articles covering ways to improve male sexual health and fundamental routines to maintaining penile health I’ve mentioned stress is among the major sex drive killers. However, the effect can be reverse as sexual intercourse alone can cut out stress level significantly.

Stess and Tension Relief

I first heard this when I was in my teen years listening to adults talking about sex to release muscle tensions. I don’t seem to get convinced specially I don’t have any experience at that time. Until such time when I did my first masturbation, which was really tension-releasing experience, and I thought it was true. When I had my first actual encounter, it was really satisfying, but was not really fun as I was experiencing premature ejaculation during my first experience. Anyway, that’s another topic to be covered in the future, but sex really does release tension in muscles and mind resulting to a stress-relieving experience.

This has also been confirmed by study conducted by Scottish researchers asking the participants to get involve in a stressful activity including taking a complicated quiz in mathematics, and giving a speech. Participants who had sexual intercourse experienced lower stress and blood pressure levels compare to participants who did not had sexual intercourse, or those who simply masturbated and individuals who simply had bodily contact but didn’t had sex.

So, when you’re feeling stressed, try to get in harmony with your female partner and get involved intimately. Of course, when one is stressed, the partner should be able to arouse that intimate feeling in order to gain sexual arousal. Foreplay plays an important role on this, plus dirty talking and being flirty.

People Who Have Seldom Sex Tend To Work More

German researchers as reported by Spiegel.de discovered in a study conducted on 32,000 individuals those who have less sexual activity tend to work a lot more in order to compensate or fulfill their lack of bedroom performances. Within that study, researchers accounted 36% men and 35% women plunge into their work while only having sex once a week.


In real-life this cycle is true, the more work a person get involved, the higher the stress experience, and the more stress a person has, the less sex she or he has. In one article, it states morning sex offers lots of health benefits from good mood to relaxation.

Sex Helps Prevent Heart Attacks

There is no denying having sexual intercourse can make your heart pump really hard, it’s like an equivalent of a cardio workout. British researchers as reported by DailyMail having sexual intercourse of 2 or more times per week can decrease a man’s risks of experiencing fatal heart attack.

Heart Attack Prevention

Sex Helps Achieve Improved Self-Esteem

There are two sides between self-esteem and sex. Men and women who have sex normally feel good about themselves, and people want to have sex to feel good about themselves. According to one study that looked at the numerous reasons humans perform sexual activity discovered one of the most common factors that drive sex is self-esteem. Those participants same group of participants also reported having sex makes them feel sexier and powerful. In addition, some individuals who participated in the study had more unselfish goals and wanted their partner to also feel good.

Self-Esteem Booster

Sex As Pain Reliever

Sex makes a person engaged in having intercourse feel good. In fact, it should feel good for both partners having sex. And, when there is a feeling goodness or enjoyment as in sexual satisfaction, pain is out of the way. It may not be completely go away, but it make feel good of having sex can definitely help ease the pain. The reason behind this suspension of pain when engaged in sexual intercourse, both sexual arousals and orgasms make the brain release oxytocin in the hypothalamus area. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone that makes the feeling really good.


There were certain studies conducted on oxytocin like the one conducted In New Jersey at Rutgers University discovered a surge of oxytocin such as one produced during sex may help women sense less pain during menstruation. And, another study conducted by the Russians found that men are able to cut perception of pains by half through oxytocin.

Sex As Cancer Protection and Prevention

As men grow older particularly those above 50 years old are at risks of developing prostate cancer. However, a British study found that older men who frequently engaged in sexual intercourse, or even masturbation are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who seldom to have sex. Additionally, a separate study found that when a man frequently ejaculate during his 20s can help him protect against the risk of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Orgasm Helps Boost Fertility

In a man’s perspective, there are other numerous benefits to having frequent sex including sperm quality improvement that relates to higher fertility and minimize damage on the sperm’s DNA. On one research conducted by ESHRE entitled “Daily Sex Helps Reduce Sperm DNA Damage And Improve Fertility” found that men who engaged on daily sex or ejaculated on a daily basis had better semen quality even after past 7 days compare to men who didn’t have sex.

Arousals and Orgasms

So, for couples who have hard time having a baby and only have sex once a week, having sexual intercourse daily may help increase the chance of conception, at least in the man’s part. Of course, there are other numerous factors that affect conception and if having sex daily doesn’t result to conception, consulting or seeking medical help is highly recommended.

Unfortunately, frequent ejaculations as in the case of daily intercourse can reduce the quantity of sperm cells. Based on research findings, researchers who conducted the study suggested this approach should only be implemented on couples with mild fertility issues. Otherwise, consult or seek medical advice from a professional for proper guidance.

Safety First

Sex is used to express and explore the intimate passions between partners, connect intimately and enjoy lasting relationship. Sex is also considered as an icing on the cake for most relationship, and I have to agree with it as without sex it’s difficult to enjoy as it is human being’s innate strong emotion that need expression. On the other hand, sex with different partners can be risky, so be sure to consider safety first prior to engaging sex from partner-to-partner.

Safe Sex Practice

To enjoy sex, practice safe sex. Use protection such as condom especially for those who are in a non-monogamous sexual relationship. Have yourself tested regularly against STD(sexually transmitted diseases) to stay safe and healthy while enjoying an active sex lifestyle.

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