How To Spot A Fake Or Counterfeit Bathmate Pump

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There is no doubt, Bathmate being the pioneer in penis hydro pumping created a well-made and effective pump that has been proven since it was first introduced. However, great products from all over the world are also the subject or target for counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is a big business and we seen them in the news year after year. Unfortunately, Bathmate is no exception and here’s a video showing a fake or counterfeit Bathmate pump shipped inside a DHL brown box without the Bathmate box itself. Although, this video showing a fake Bathmate created back sometime in 2010, and there have been no recent reports about fake Hydromax pumps, it is a useful and helpful video on spotting a fake one.

While Bathmate spent over $200K on patent and copyright protection globally, still it is vital for consumers to be aware about spotting between geniuine and counterfeit. Bathmate cannot monitor every thing being sold under its brand. So, if you spot something that is not right or fake Bathmate being sold, report it so that action can be taken on Bathmate’s side.

Moreover, using a fake pump can be risky as it is not tested to work similarly just as with the original. Genuine and original Bathmate undergone strict quality control to meet high quality of standards for safety and efficiency. With fake pumps circulating, there is no evidence it has been manufactured and tested strictly to meet quality and safety. Certainly, fake maybe cheaper but it lacks many of the features, quality and efficiency. The materials used in manufacturing the fake one can be of inferior quality that easily breakdown, or can cause irritation of the skin, pariticularly the comfort pad that comes in contact with the skin at the pubic area.

So, there you have it and I hope you watched the video just above to educate yourself in destinguishing between original and fake Bathmate. For those who currently owned a Bathmate pump, you know what the original look and feel like. On the other hand, for those who are planning and decided to buy Bathmate pump, this video can be useful in getting a genuine Bathmate pump.

To ensure, you get the real deal, buy only Bathmate pump from stores that sell original Bathmate, if you choose to buy it at local sex store near you. Or, buy it online through Bathmate legit sites like so you can get the real thing. You can order your Bathmate pump through’s order links as it will take you to the Bathmate official website/store to complete your order.

Unboxing of Original/Genuine Bathmate X30/X40

Genuine Bathmate pump should look like this, as in the video below. It has its own Bathmate black box, and shipped inside the discreet brown box. So, when you open it upon receiving it, you should first open the discreet brown box and inside is the Bathmate pump inside a black box.