Exercises For Better Sex

5 Exercises Beneficial for Improving Sexual Health, Stamina, and Performance

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Everyone wants to be healthy and desire to experience an amazing sex life. The reality is not everyone having a healthy and amazing experience with sex. If you’re among the many who are concerned about sexual function and performance, don’t worry as you can do something to boost your sex life.

Regular physical activities and specific exercises can do a lot in improving your overall health and sexual health, as well. There are factors that affect and hinder a person to experience amazing sex life. It could be due to certain emotional conflicts, or sexual dysfunction.

Emotional conflicts can be solved through communication between partners, or even seeking help through a sex therapist. On the other hand, if the problem is sexual dysfunction due to physical issues, one must take certain necessary steps to enhance sexual function and eventually enjoy amazing sex.

Sexual dysfunction is experienced by both men and women. Although some people say it’s no big deal, but in reality having a dull sex life can affect one’s quality of life. This is not to say that sex is everything for happiness, but it does contribute hugely to one’s self-esteem and overall quality of life.

In the past, sexual dysfunction was used to be linked to aging. However, one study1 suggests that erectile dysfunction is becoming more common in young men, too. Moreover, the number of men experiencing erectile problems is scary. According to Boston University School of Sexual Medicine, 10% of men with age ranging from 40-70 have severe erectile dysfunction. The good news, men can take control and gain back their sexual function.

There are certain exercises that can be done on regular basis in order to enhance sexual function. Below are 5 exercises listed to be helpful when it comes to boosting sexual function. However, note that you are not bound to these 5 exercises. In fact, yoga and other numerous physical activities are considered good as long as you do it regularly.

Exercises For Better Sex

Although we’re talking here about male sexual health, these exercises are suitable for everyone including women, too. To make your journey towards a happy sex life, you can ask your partner to be your exercise buddy. Whether you believed it or not, encouraging your partner or spouse to exercise makes exercising fun rather than a chore. In the end, both of you will gain stamina and when you make love, you’ll notice the difference.

What if you don’t sexual dysfunction, do these exercises work? Sure, they do. If you’re a healthy and do these exercises, you’ll gain more stamina and enjoy good health at the same time. So, don’t think that if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, you don’t need to exercise. That’s a wrong assumption. The more you exercise, the healthier you become, and the healthier you are, the better and sexier you are.

1. Half Push Ups

The first and one of the easiest exercises that can improve sexual function is the half push-ups. Both men and women can do this exercise even beginners. This strengthens the upper body and develops your muscles for better strength. Check the video below on how to do half push-ups.

This push-up variation is easier than full push-up, but it can be a little intense for beginners and first timers. Aim at completing 10 to 20 repetitions, and do it daily. In the long run, you’ll be able to notice an improvement in your stamina, strength, and better fitness level.

2. Mini Trampoline Exercise

This second exercise, unfortunately, needs an equipment, which is the mini trampoline. Jumping on the trampoline helps enhance blood circulation in the entire body. This exercise also strengthens your pelvic floor muscles that are useful when it comes to improving erection quality and ejaculatory control.

Men with premature ejaculation need this exercise in order to strengthen and release tension in the pelvic muscles. Trampoline exercise also strengthens abdominal, upper legs, and hip muscles.

Exercising on the trampoline is a good detox for the body’s lymphatic system, which is a system in the body that flushes toxins. It also boosts energy level, which is vital for sustaining stamina and avoid feeling lethargic.

Tony Robbins always have a mini trampoline with him in his seminars. While taking a break during the seminar, he get up on the trampoline and bounce. This is why you seem him so alive during the seminar. You can do the same.

AceFitness.org conducted a study found that a workout on a mini-trampoline is just as good as running.

3. Kegel Exercises

Kegels exercise was first developed for women with incontinence issues. Later, it was found that Kegel exercises strengthens and releases tension on the pelvic floor muscles resulting for better sexual function. This exercise is suitable for both men and women, and can be done anywhere even while commuting, sitting in public places, office, and literally everywhere and anytime.

Some urologists including Dr. Andrew Siegel recommends Kegel exercises to patients with sexual dysfunction. In turned, he co-developed a device and program for Kegel exercises called “Private Gym“. For more info, you can also check this Kegel exercises tutorial and start learning and using it for better sex.

Basically, Kegel exercises involved contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Aside from doing Kegel exercises, there are certain exercises like the bridge, jumping jacks, trampoline bouncing, and wall squat that also stimulate the pelvic floor muscles just like doing Kegels.

4. Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercises

This combination can be equated to doing yoga. You don’t have to be a yoga guru, but simple stretching exercises along with deep breathing can have a profound effect on sexual function. The deep breathing allows the body to intake more oxygen while the stretching exercises release the tension allowing full body relaxation. Not only it will relax the body physically, but also mentally.

Those with premature ejaculation issue, the combination of deep breathing and stretching routines is helpful. Many experts found that men who performed stretching and deep breathing on a regular basis experience a better sex life compared to those who don’t. It’s a perfect way to keep stress at a minimal level. If you’re not aware, stress is one of the causes of sexual dysfunction.

5. Swim

Swimming is an excellent full body workout that can boost both stamina and endurance that are both valuable for an active and healthy sex life. It’s also good for weight loss while increasing your body’s flexibility at the same time. So, have a 30-minute swimming session daily and you’re on your way to a better sexual function.

Should You Do All These At Once?

While it’s possible to do all of them, it may be difficult for some people and can end up to not doing them at all. Therefore, initially pick one that you feel like doing. Pick the one that doesn’t need any equipment and can be done easily at anytime and anywhere. I’m referring to Kegels exercise. Just be conscious in doing the exercise and you’re doing it fine.

The best way to isolate and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles is to stop the flow of urine. When you cut the flow of urine, you’re using the pelvic floor muscles to do that. This is the muscle group that you need to contract and relax and certain intervals. So, with Kegels, don’t wait but begin it right now even before finishing reading this article.

Be consistent with the exercises you’ve chosen and you’ll be able to notice a difference in the long run. Additionally, keep in mind that exercise is just one part of the entire equation for maintaining good health and sexual health. Diet is another one. When we refer to diet, it means a good nutrition plan that includes eating flavonoid-rich foods. Of course, you can also include taking quality male enhancement pills to achieve better results.

But, note that, exercise, good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle practices are key to a better and more active sex life. And, don’t forget your Vitamin D dosage in which the sun is the best source of it along with wild fish, eggs, and cheese.

Lastly, to further enhance your erections, stamina, and performance, Bathmate hydromax can always help you achieve what you want.

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