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5 Tips To Avoiding and Reducing Risks of Developing Erectile Dysfunction

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Previously, we’ve talked about ED medications can’t fix every men’s sexual problem, and I think it’s clear medications is not an all-in-one solution for it, but a healthy way of life. Taking medication is still very helpful, in fact, it’s included on this list of tips on how to avoid and reduce the risks of developing erectile dysfunction. As long as one take medications appropriately and use it as a tool to gain back natural sexual prowess, it’s gonna be helpful.

Follow this tips and always consult with your doctor if you notice something unusual with your overall or sexual health in particular. For men who are healthy and not suffering from erectile issues, you can still get value on this article as a guideline in order to avoid and maintain a healthful sex life. For men who are experiencing ED, make sure you already visited and talked to your doctor often for consultation and proper guidance if you have huge concerns about your sexual health because it is closely connected to overall health condition.

There is no doubt, ED is a bad experience and it can happen to any men specially for those approaching senior years. Sadly, more young men are suffering from ED these days due to unhealthy practices. ED although it might seem a joke to those who are not affected with it, it can trigger anxiety, embarrassment, fear, and disharmony among sexual partners due to inability to perform sexually. And, these conditions simply amplify the the worsening of erectile issue.

Minimize Stress

Learn To Minimize and Handle Stress Appropriately

Stress has been regarded as one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress may have its prevalence in working men who are at their prime age due to job or career-related stresses, social and family matters, and disharmony or marriage issues, and even feeling guilty and depressed. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate stress, but handling stress appropriately makes stress not stressful at all. There are certain proven ways to easily handle stress and get used to it and be able to face it at anytime without any issue.

Among the effective stress-relieving techniques include performing regular exercise, stretching such as in Yoga, and meditation practice. Meditation has been proven to calm the mind, brain and body, which makes it easy to and confident to face any stressful situation without the brain freaking out on how to react and what to do.

ED Medications

Take Your ED Medications Appropriately

While ED medications didn’t proved to be 100% effective in solving men’s sexual issues according to a study, it is still vital towards tackling erectile dysfunction. There are popular ED medications available such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, but keep in mind these are prescription medications in which you need to consult a doctor, and you’ll be given a prescription before you can obtain any of these drugs. Consulting your doctor about erectile issues is also vital as it might be due to some underlying health issues, which can lead to severe illness when not address early stage.

One of the issues that result to erectile dysfunction is heart-related illnesses including high-blood pressure. It makes sense because erection is all about blood flow, and without the proper blood flow, there would be not enough blood to fill up the erectile chambers for erections. Additionally, there are certain drugs that may contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction including hypertension and diabetes medications. For this reason, you need to talk to your doctor and ask about it specially if you’re currently taking medications on any of these health conditions. Of course, while taking medications, you always have the option of incorporating physical exercises to your penis using Bathmate hydro pump for a more effective way of gaining back erectile and sexual function.

Even before the availability of ED medications, penis pumps have been helping men with erectile issue. So, you should consider using penis pumps specially with a more effective and newer models that uses water to create negative pressure or vacuum. One of the best hydro pump in the market today is Bathmate Hydromax X40, or you can choose which model fits your size using the Bathtmate pump size guide chart.

Minimize Alcohol

Quit Smoking and Minimize Alcohol Consumption

It’s obvious, both cigarette smoking and excessing alcohol consumption are both contributors to sexual health deterioration. In fact, not only sexual health, but overall health condition as both have immediate effects on blood flow. When one continues to engage in smoking cigarettes and drink excessive amount of alcohol, it surely can hurt erection quality. Studies have shown men who quit smoking and cut significant amount of alcohol consumption experienced improvement in their sexual function.

Discuss with Partner

Let Your Partner Know About The Issue and Discuss

When it comes to sex, it involves a partner unless you’re doing masturbation or self-pleasure. Hence, when it comes to solving sexual issue of one partner, getting the partner involve in solving the issue has been found to be more effective than handling the issue alone. The idiomatic expression that says “it takes two tango” is really applicable when it comes to achieving long-term or even lifetime positive results for ED issues. Discussing the issue with your partner can help relieve the anxiety and stress, which both are primary causes of ED, as previously mentioned.

Diet and Exercise

Maintain A Healthy Eating Regimen and Exercise Regularly

When it comes to prevention, there couldn’t be better than regular exercise and healthy eating regimen. Proper diet and nutrition along with a good amount of physical activity is not only a remedy to erectile dysfunction, but key to prevention. Consuming adequate nutrition provides the body with helpful antioxidants and essential nutrients that helps neutralize toxins and free radicals that have bad effects to the tiny blood vessels and nerves in the body including those carrying blood supply to the penis.

Furthermore, both physical activity and healthy eating habits prevents many health conditions including but not limited to diabetes, depression, obesity, hypertension, and respiratory disorders. All these affect the sexual function not only in men, but as well in women. Eating the right kinds of food and keeping active helps reduce stress, and boost sexual stamina resulting to better sex with improved libido.

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