Drinking 2 to 3 Cups Of Coffee A Day Reduce Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction (Study Finds)

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Good news for men as recent study finds drinking coffee everyday offers positive effect on male sexual potency according to the University of Texas-Houston researchers with their findings published at PLOS ONE. Researchers have been able to linked higher intake of caffeine in American males with decreased incident of erectile dysfunction. Men who consumed 85 to 170 mg which translates to 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day were 42% less likely to develop erection issues. However, consuming over 170 mg of caffeine reportedly increase risk of ED.

Throughout the course of the study, participants were consuming various forms of beverages containing caffeine like soda, and energy drinks, but coffee top them all due to higher concentration of caffeine plus various other antioxidants in the coffee.

This recent findings on coffee for male sexual health improvement is perfectly in line with established data on sexual health. Caffeine relaxes arteries in soft muscle tissues in the body including those found in the penis. In turn, it improves blood flow or circulation, which is vital to achieving good quality erections.

Sadly, men with diabetes didn’t noticed any positive changes with caffeine intake. This was not a surprise to the researchers because diabetes alone is one of the major risk factor triggering erectile dysfunction.

Black Coffee

Tips On Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee has been linked to other numerous health benefits such as boost in memory, and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease (1) (2), and many others. However, it should be noted that anything added to the coffee can be unhealthy such as sugar specially refined sugar, and other artificial sweeteners. With that in mind, always and if you’re not accustomed to it, practice drinking your coffee black and sugar free. Aim to drink freshly brewed coffee instead of instant coffee that contains additives.

For people who are sensitive to the acidity of the coffee, try preparing them in a different way. There is another way to prepare coffee aside from the conventional way of preparing it. Cold brewing coffee is said to significantly reduced the acid of the coffee.

This is truly a great news specially for coffee lovers, but also important reminders to those who consumed caffeine excessively that it’s neither good. Hence, instead of opting for a medication, trying natural means such as moderate coffee consumption and utilizing a non-invasive approach such as using Bathmate pump can be helpful. Also, be reminded the dangers associated with cholesterol lowering drugs as erectile dysfunction is one of its side effects.

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