Cholesterol Lowering Drug Statins – What You Should Know About It?

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It has been known and promoted that high level of cholesterol can lead to heart disease. However, recent studies and even doctors who are very conservative on using such drug discovered it is not a very effective medication to lower risk of heart disease specially that cholesterol is not the culprit anymore that can eventually lead to heart disease.

In the video above, Dr. Sinatra explained how he uses Statins, a cholesterol lowering drug on his patients. He is very specific. On the other hand, many doctors continue to prescribe it their patients to lower cholesterol level. Below is an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT describing the many bad side-effects of taking Statins, and why it should not be prescribe to lower cholesterol. In addition, she also explained what really is cholesterol and its importance to the bodily function. I urge you to watch as this interview provides a lot of insights specially if you’re taking Statins, or have been prescribe with Statins but haven’t taking it, yet.

If Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease, Then What Is It?

Below is presentation by Jonny Bowden, co-authored the book (with Dr. Sinatra) “The Cholesterol Myth” that explains cholesterol is not the cause and does not cause heart disease. It’s a long video, but it’s packed with information not being shared in the mainstream media.

What Need To Know All These?

Ok, so you ask why I put this article here and what it’s going to do with using a penis pump? Here’s my opinion why you should know this information so that you can reap the maximum benefits of using a pump like Bathmate. First, you use Bathmate to either increase penis size, improve erection and achieve better sexual health, or use Bathmate to aid erection because you are experiencing erectile issue at some level.

Now, if your doctor diagnosed you with high cholesterol level, he may prescribe you with Statins, and if you have no idea what Statins is and side effects, of course, you will take the medicine. However, if you’ve watched the videos above with Dr. Seneff and Jonny Bowden, one of the notable side effects of Statins is erectile dysfunction.

If that’s the case, then your effort of using a penis pump to improve your sexual performance and health may not be at all very useful. In addition, certain medications for high-blood pressure can also cause erectile dysfunction…

Hopefully, this article provides a quick overview about what is Statins and how it can impact your overall health upon taking it. It may not be a bad medicine after all if your doctor knows how to use, but if your doctor uses it to lower cholesterol level, that’s a bad practice as per Dr. Sinatra. Even erectile medications like Viagra is not an ultimate solution to improving sexual life in men with erectile dysfunction. Instead, opt for healthy lifestyle changes, and along with proper use of Bathmate pump, you could be on your way to a healthy and better sexual performance.

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