Daily Walking Health Benefits

15 to 20 Minutes of Daily Walking Activity Gives You A Wide-Range of Health Benefits

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During the decades ago or even as far as centuries back, many people consider walking as a primary of transportation. Except, of course, when traveling long distances or carrying heavy loads. But, at that time, before the advent of modern cars, people walk very often. Walking is very natural to humans. But, unfortunately, through the advancements of automobiles and technologies …

Ways To Boost Metabolism

13 Ways To Boost Metabolism For Better Health

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It’s obvious that people want to be healthy and sexy. And, one of the staples for achieving both is a good metabolism. However, today’s typical diet and lifestyle are ruining people’s metabolism. But, don’t worry, there are ways to boost metabolism for weight loss and better health. But before we explore some of the ways to boost metabolism, it is …

Porn Induces Erectile Dysfunction

Habitually Watching Porn Induces Erectile Dysfunction

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One of the most prohibited contents whether it be online or magazines is pornography. There is a good reason for the restriction, especially to the younger population. Study finds that habitual watching of porn contents can induce erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, regardless of the advancements in technology in the field of blocking and restricting contents, there is little success in the …

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

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Drinking coffee makes us clear-headed but it also offers many other health benefits. With just enough additives like sugar and cream, coffee tastes good. Unfortunately, when it comes to reaping the full potential benefits of coffee, drinking it black and sugar-free is the best way. With that in mind, there are other safe and healthy sweeteners that can be used …

Alcohol Effects on Brain

How Alcohol Poisons Your Brain As You Drink It?

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An occasional shot of alcohol is good. However, as you increase the amount you drink, it can be a bad thing. Eventually, alcohol will induce a poisoning effect on your brain. This is why after a few shots, you will some negative effects such as dizziness and even alter your speech to become blurred. Even worse, after so much drink, …

Eliminate Belly Fat

3 Ways To Eliminate Belly Fat Safely and Effectively

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Obesity is one of the leading cause of death today. In fact, one study says it increases of premature death in men. Moreover, obesity does not only cause cardiovascular health problems but also can lead to poor memory. Is It Possible To Shed and Eliminate Belly Fat? The short and direct answer is YES. There are many simple and healthy …

Simple Stress Relief

One Simple Stress Relief Trick While Travelling

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One of the most difficult things a couple faces is loneliness and stress while apart due to travel. This is an unavoidable situation especially if the partner travels very often. However, one study finds a simple stress relief trick that might help a couple who are far apart. Simple Stress Relief Through A Scent When a couple is far apart …

Yoga Poses For Better Sex

5 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

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One study says that having sex once a week is a sweet spot for happiness. And, certainly, having quality sex over quantity can have positive impacts on health. Besides sticking to a good nutrition plan, regular exercise is vital as part of healthy lifestyle practices. As a matter of fact, there are certain exercises that can boost sexual function. Moreover, …

Effects When You Stop Having Sex

8 Things Could Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

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The many health benefits of sex are undeniably amazing. However, when you stop having sex for some reasons, a lot of negative things could happen to your body. Of course, not everyone will get affected by these negative impacts but know that one or two might affect you at a certain point. For instance, when you stop having sex, you’ll …

New Female Partner Quality Sperms

New Female Partner Makes Men Produce Better-Quality Sperm

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Men who often engaged in casual sex produce better sperm quality. This is the finding of one study1 done by researchers at College of Wooster. During the study, the male participants masturbate on seven porn films over a period of two weeks. Of course, each participant is doing his masturbation in the privacy of his home. Of the seven porn …