Veganism and Vegetarian Diet

Being Vegan Is The Key To Achieve A Boost In Sex Drive and Long-Term Healthy Sex Life

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Eating like vegans although it is not necessarily to be totally converted to vegan can boost your sexual drive and stamina. It increases the production and secretion of natural lubricants, which in turn giving as much pleasure and energy needed for longer performance in bed. During the 2012 celebration of World Vegan Day, PETA released a sexy video with men dancing… It was kind of funny, but I guess there’s a message in there. Of course, different people look at it differently. But looking at it deeply, there’s something and that message can only realize if one starts eating the way vegans do.

Men who are suffering from erectile problems can try to eat like vegans as part of their lifestyle changes towards overcoming the problem. Moreover, eating like a vegan allows one to consume high amount of dietary fiber, which is a good thing and entails many health benefits including achieving the perfect poop.

Not only that, but most foods in a veganism way of eating are heart-friendly, which is a wonderful thing because it is directly connected to sexual health. It involves with blood circulation, and the better the blood circulation, the harder the erections. It has also been found that plant-based diet can have a positive effect on prostate health. This is probably why people call many of these foods as aphrodisiacs. What’s more if you can have a regular sun exposure for a good dose of Vitamin D.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of eating like a vegan. Again, it is not absolutely necessary to totally shift to veganism, although, you have that choice, of course. Sometime in 2014, when Jay-Z and Beyonce revealed their secret 22-day cleanse, which is, of course, vegan cleanse, which they call it physical and spiritual cleanse, veganism took off and become very popular and trendy in the last few months after that announcement. Of course, the couple is not the first one to discover it, many people have already enjoyed the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, but it didn’t became a hit until a celebrity embraces and reveals it to the public.

Yes, we love celebrity appearances and tend to mimic what they do. And, sometimes I thought that one day, an icon male celebrity would also be announcing and revealing his secret to self-confidence using the Bathmate. Sound like a dream, right? Well, it might be, but who knows? So, let’s continue and get back to the topic, but to make more things clear and confusion… what’s the difference between;

Veganism and Vegetarians

To answer this question, watch this video. Note that, mentioned in this video is flexitarian, which is the term for people who eat plant-based whole foods, but no problem with occasional meat consumption including fish, of course.

Below are the benefits of eating vegan-like diet achieving a well-nourished body that can truly boost sex drive and can easily keep up with long time performances between the sheets.

Silky Smooth Skin Complexion

Having an almost perfect skin complexion may not be a requirement for a boost in sex drive and performance, but isn’t it an alluring means to attract your partner and turn him or her on? Plus while making love, would it be nice to touch a silky soft skin of your partner and so your partner to yours? For those who are self-conscious about their skin complexion, instead of working on the outside applying skincare products that might contain harmful chemicals, work from the inside instead eating a plant-based whole foods.

A plant-based diet contains a higher amount of Vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity as it maintains collagen metabolism. Fruits and vegetables preferably organic contain a high level of antioxidants that are helpful in fighting the effects of free radicals, plus antioxidants are anti-inflammatory, so it’s good for the heart. If you have persistent acne or other skin problems, try looking at your diet. You may be consuming high amount of refined carbs(calories) including refined sugars and products containing refined ingredients like white flour. High fats particularly the bad fats like trans fats and animal meats being feed with genetically engineered feeds are not good either.

In 2012, a study published at PuMed’s Journal Dermato-Endocrinology found leucine, which is an amino acid in meat can uptick inflammation of the skin, as well as break down elastin and collagen resulting to acne breakouts. It’s not really bad to have occasional meat, but as a way of moderation… eat it occasionally and make sure the meats are from animals raised organically or grass-fed and not those loaded with antibiotics and raised in confinement.

Fresher Bodily Scent

Believe it or not, maintaining a vegan-like eating lifestyle makes you appetizing to your partner physically without the used of commercially available chemicals for enhancement purposes. Many believed that certain fruits like pineapple can turn semen into a better flavor by neutralizing the acidic taste, at least according to one study done by Pork and Gin website. So, it’s time to start enjoying that pineapple. It’s full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Now when it comes to bodily scent, for those who don’t eat much fruits and vegetables, this may be hard to believe. But, eating mostly of plant-based foods into a diet makes the body smell fresher. This is based on personal experience along with not using soaps particularly antibacterial soap and deodorants. Yes, sometimes it smells nasty, but not as nasty when you eat foods that are mostly from animal meats with fewer fruits and veggies. Also, one study found that those who eat a non-meat based diet were more pleasant and attractive with less intense smell compared to meat eaters.

The results of this study show for the first time that red meat consumption may have a perceivable impact on axillary body odor. Odors of donors on the nonmeat diet were judged as more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense. This pattern was not influenced by raters’ menstrual cycle phase or partnership status.

Increased Natural Lubes

Here, we’re talking about women’s natural lubrication. Plant-based whole foods or vegan foods contain a high level of moisture, which keeps the body well-hydrated in turned boost the natural secretion of natural lubrication. Among the plant-based foods with high water content include cantaloupe, cucumbers, and watermelon. The water contents also nourish the skin, reducing appearances of fine lines giving a more vibrant and youthful glow. Probably, this is the primary reason why people who eat more veggies tend to defy aging…they look younger than people of the same age who eat mostly meat products.

In addition to high water contents of certain vegetables, foods like wild salmon, sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin, and many, many more like these food sources contain Omega-3 fatty acids that helpful for women’s vaginal nourishment and toning avoiding dryness. Being able to naturally secretes this lubrication eliminates the need for sexual lubrications allowing both partners to focus on making love and enjoy. Plus, of course, since lubrication is abundance, it means better sensation is experienced by both partners.

Promotes Proper Blood Flow

Foods in a vegan diet scrape plaque from the arterial wall due to its high fiber content. This arterial plaque is caused by certain foods we eat particularly meat products. In addition to that amazing function of removing plaque, it lowers bad cholesterol level and promotes an increase in blood circulation throughout the body including to the sexual organs particularly men which needs an ample of blood flow to the penis during erections. According to vegans and vegetarians, a diet loaded with animal meat products affects proper blood flow and increases the level of synthetic hormones significantly, which in turn can result to low sperm production, and even increase a risk of tumor in the testicles.

Eating a vegan-like diet is actually a good complement of using a penis pump like the Bathmate because this eating lifestyle is an effective and healthy way of losing weight. Therefore, men who are somewhat overweight with thick fat deposits in the abdominal area can shrink the penis length a bit. When these fat deposits melt away, that additional regain penis length is significant on increasing penile length, which is a perfect complement to penis pumping. Now, whether a man is aware or not, when that reclaimed penis length is now working hand-in-hand with the proper blood flow achieved due to the foods being consumed.

Can you imagine the many positive effects, now? Now, if you’re using Bathmate pump long enough, chances that penis girth is also expanding. With all these benefits, a man can likely give his partner multiple orgasms.

Increased Energy

A good level of energy or stamina is vitally important when it comes to having a good time in bed with your partner. You have full control and never have to worry getting tired because you’re naturally getting high energy from the foods you eat. When you eat fruits preferably fresh organic fruits, you don’t have to worry about sugar crash, which commonly happens when eating highly processed and/or artificial sugar…instead with fruits you’ll get a sustainable source of energy.

Feeling Happier with Less Stress

When it comes to maintaining and boosting sex drive, it is vital in maintaining a low or minimal stress. Stress is unavoidable, and it’s always there, but it can be lower at a level where it can’t negatively affect one’s mood. Eating organic fresh fruits is an effective way of boosting serotonin levels, which is a chemical produced by the brain to make us feel happy. When you’re happy and there seems to be no stress, it’s very easy to get into the mood and start the action.

In 2012, one study published at BMJ’s Nutrition Journal found those who don’t consumed meats are less stressed and happier compared to meat eaters. According to the research team, this may be due to the fatty acids called AA(arachidonic acid), which is Omega-6 fatty acids causing disturbances in moods. Without eating meats, or perhaps keeping it at very minimal or moderate, this can be prevented.

The researchers conclude;

Restricting meat, fish, and poultry improved some domains of short-term mood state in modern omnivores. To our knowledge, this is the first trial to examine the impact of restricting meat, fish, and poultry on mood state in omnivores.

And, don’t worry…if you feel like less manly when you eliminate or minimize meat in your diet. Check these famous men who don’t eat meat. You might join them, too and become vegan. Again, it’s your choice…you could totally go vegan, or stay as a flexitarian.

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