Sex Timing For Pregnancy

How To Determine The Best Timing For Sex and Position For Higher Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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You’ve reached a decision where you and your partner decided to become parents. Of course, you who wants to be a father should ensure good fertility. The same is true with your partner. Good nutrition is key to maintain good fertility. For men, one of the essential mineral for fertility is zinc.

At this point, you may be considering the frequency of sex. For most couples, the more sex, the better. However, in an expert perspective, it is all about timing. Hence, we should take the advice of an expert in fertility on how to determine the best timing for sex, and does sexual position matters when it comes to getting pregnant.

Mark Sklar is a fertility expert. He mentioned in the video below as one of the tips that having more sex does not ensure pregnancy. It’s about the timing and knowing when the woman ovulates. Watch and listen to him as he explained how to determine the best timing for higher chances of getting pregnant. Although this may seem a women’s topic, but in reality, men should get involved, too. After all, it takes two to tango.

Many couples tried many sexual positions for getting pregnant. However, as you’ve learned from Mark, any position will do for women with cervix in a normal position. On the other hand, Mark mentioned that there are women with a cervix that is not well-position, and if this is the case, the position that works better is the one that is comfortable during penetration. You may also consult a fertility expert like Mark if there is any chance to correct the position of the cervix.

Here’s an interesting documentary by PBS entitled Life’s Greatest Miracle. It shows how human life begins. Knowing the basics what happens during sex from the release of sperm cells into the vagina and its journey towards the egg will make you appreciate life. It may sound like an elementary grade science, but it’s interesting and amazing to watch how the journey of many sperms down to one sperm that fertilized the egg.

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