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Basic Maintenance Routine For Optimum Penis Health and Performance

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Every health issues even if they seem to have no direct connection affect the health of the penis according to Dr. Steven Lamm, MD who authored The Hardness Factor, a book geared towards helping achieve the best health and sexual fitness level at any age. When it comes to proper health maintenance, a healthy senior man in his 50s can perform well sexually and even outperforms a 30 year old man who is alcoholic and smokes.

It’s true, as previously mentioned, healthy blood flow is essential to achieving rock-hard erections, which relates to a healthy cardiovascular system. However, it’s not just blood flow that matters when it comes to amazing sexual performance and libido, mental factors play as well. Stress and anxiety can have substantial effect on one’s sexual drive. If you have lots of stresses due to work, or problems associated with relationships, it affects the phallic power, too.

While we’ve previously provided a good overview about what a man can do to boost sexual performance, here are some additional tips helpful to maintaining penile health.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Belly fat is not only ugly to look at, it burdens one who has it. Imagine, carrying that excess pounds doing nothing good but harm? There have been a lot illnesses that link to the visceral fats build-up in the belly area that develops overtime inside the body, plus externally, it buries the penis making the penis appear shorter and smaller. Hence, even if you do penis pumping to recover the length and girth of the penis, it won’t be very effective as the fats engulf it.

Losing that belly fat is one of the safest and most natural way of increasing penile length. To learn more about the health risks associated with fat build-up in the belly area, watch this video as it explains well in animation how it affects the internal organs and cause loads of illnesses.

Eating a consistent healthy and well-balanced diet along with regular physical activity offer substantial benefits to losing that unhealthy belly fats. Normally, when one lose that unwanted belly fat, weight loss occurs, and losing weight is a vital health factor for obese men and women. Another good reason why lose belly fat is it blocks testosterone that is supposed to be available for use, and it’s a vital male hormone often referred to as male sexual hormone.

Quit Smoking For Life

Cigarette smoking causes a hosts of health deterioration. In fact, smoking does not do any good to the body. Do you know that a stick of cigarette contains over 4000 harmful chemicals? Even if the cigarette has filter, those toxins can still get inside the body and cause a hosts of diseases.

When a person smoke, the harmful chemicals enter into the bloodstream and clenches the blood vessels that eventual restricts that proper blood flow including blood flow to the penis responsible for erection to happen. It also contributes to build-up of arterial plaque that makes smokers twice as likely to developing erectile dysfunction.

Get Up and Move

Exercise allows an increase of blood flow that rushes through the lining of the blood vessels known as endothelial cells. In turn, this help produce Nitric Oxide(NO), a key chemical for producing better erections. A healthy man produces more NO, and achieves harder erections.

Exercise and Erections

Check The Nuts Regularly

Testicular cancer affects nearly 8,000 men annually. The shocking part is men affected by this condition are still young age ranging from 15 to 40 years old. The good news, when testicular is spotted earlier, most cases are curable up to 95% in most cases. However, if left undetected or unaddressed, it can spread to other parts of the body including the penis itself.

Another good news, every man can do self testicular examination that can be done monthly or even weekly. Personally, I do it almost every day as part of of a penis exercise routines, which is fun when you get used to doing it.

Testicle Examination

Testicular Self-Examination

As always, when something unusual is noticed within your penis areas, or with your overall health and sexual performance, consult a professional such as your urologist that can help you provide proper guidance on what to do to improve and maintain better male sexual health.

Additionally, you can do self-penile therapy using Bathmate pump, which is effective when used accordingly. Combine it with a healthy way of life, and you’re on your way to enjoying a better penis health for your active sexual lifestyle.

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