Back-Friendly Sex Positions

Back-Friendly Sex Positions According To Science

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Sex is supposed to be pleasurable. And, it’s just all about pleasure but also for procreation. These days, there are wide choices of sex positions. But which one suits you?

On the other hand, instead of enjoying an intimate moment, pain sometimes happen. In men, it would be penile pain and in women, it would vaginal discomfort. But there’s one pain that is common to both men and women, and that’s back pain.

Low back pain problem is prevalent in the U.S.1 and Canada2 and among industrialized countries. As a matter of fact, in Canada, 84% of men and 73% of women have low back pain. It is also causes a significant decrease in sexual intercourse frequency.

Back Pain Friendly Sex Positions

If you or your partner suffer from back pain, don’t let it impede you from enjoying an amazing sex. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada recommends two sex positions that are back-friendly.

The researchers say that back pain is a debilitating condition, and it is, indeed. The cases of back pains have led many couples to give up sex and enjoy intimacy. They have a good reason to do that as pain can last for days or even weeks.

Many of the back pain patients we see have told us they experience elevated levels of pain during orgasm, to the point where they will avoid having one during sex with their partner. These initial findings help us to begin to understand what might be provoking their pain during the moment of climax.

Fortunately, the researchers conducted their first ever study of spine biomechanics during sex. And, the results bring promise to couples who have back pains. The researchers used infrared and motion technology to track the participant’s movement while having sex in different positions.

In the end, the researchers found two sex positions that suit well for two types of back pain.

1. Doggy Style or Enter From Behind

Men who are flexion-intolerant are advised to employ the doggy sex style. This sex position is also known as the entrance from behind.

Flexion-intolerant means back pain is exacerbated while sitting for long hours. If you are a man with this type of back pain, it’s the doggy style you should be employing.

Additionally, the researchers also recommend in the guide that men should utilize hip-hinging motion rather than be thrusting using their spines.

2. Missionary Position

Another position the researchers find very promising is the missionary position. Individuals who are extension-intolerant, meaning back pain is triggered when arching their backs should use the missionary position.

Natalie Sidorkewicz, Ph.D., lead author on the study says;

Spooning is often recommended by physicians as the one position that fits all. But we’ve found that’s not the best advice. There are sex positions that someone with one type of back pain may find comfortable, but that very same position may increase the back pain of another individual with different pain triggers.

Final Thoughts

These two sex positions are both very common and popular among many couples. A couple does not need a complicated and acrobatic sex position to achieve amazing orgasms.

Employing these two sex positions along with deep intimacy and connection during sex is good for achieving pleasurable sex. Of course, it is not totally pain-free for some. But, definitely, it is a huge help for those with debilitating back pain.

Regardless you’re having sex daily or once a week, these two sex positions; doggy style and missionary are definitely valuable.

While these sex positions are for men, the researchers are also working on what works well for women, as well. However, if you take into consideration, these two positions are also applicable for women just as men.

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