Alcohol Effects on Brain

How Alcohol Poisons Your Brain As You Drink It?

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An occasional shot of alcohol is good. However, as you increase the amount you drink, it can be a bad thing. Eventually, alcohol will induce a poisoning effect on your brain.

This is why after a few shots, you will some negative effects such as dizziness and even alter your speech to become blurred. Even worse, after so much drink, you will lose control of your balance. Moreover, the poisoning effect may be apparent in the form of a hangover the next morning.

How Alcohol Affects Your Brain As You Drink?

Here’s an explanation of how the body metabolizes alcohol. The fact is alcohol metabolizes in the liver. However, the liver can only metabolize a small portion of it that additional alcohol enters the body goes into the bloodstream.

When there is so much alcohol in the bloodstream, it creates this negative effects eventually getting worse as you increase your alcohol intake.

Drink Moderately and Responsibly

Hopefully, you’ve been able to fully grasp how alcohol poisoning is possible if you drink too much of it. Regardless, even with small amount beyond the liver can metabolize, it induces negative effects.

On the other hand, moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial. The Mayo Clinic lists the following small number of benefits with moderate alcohol drinking;

  • Reduce your risk of developing and dying from heart disease, which Harvard agrees.
  • Potentially reduce your risk of ischemic stroke
  • Possibly reduce your risk of diabetes1

Other known benefits of moderate alcohol consumption includes longevity as TIME reports, improves libido including men with erectile dysfunction2, may help prevents (but not cure) common colds as NYTimes reports and reduce risk of gallstones.

Alcohol Improves Memory

You’ve read it right. Alcohol may improve memory retention as one study finds3. However, the information should be learned before drinking alcohol.

This is study has been done in a natural setting where students study their lessons retained more information. However, the drinking of alcohol is done after studying.

The results of this study support the notion that alcohol can facilitate memory for previously learned information. By replicating retrograde facilitation in people drinking in their own homes, this finding extends past laboratory findings.

What Is Moderate Alcohol Drinking?

A shot is all you need if you don’t want to experience the negative or poisoning effect of alcohol. A standard drink as the dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 is this one;

The American Heart Association also says that moderate alcohol consumption is good for reducing bad cholesterol. And, AHA also has guidelines for moderate alcohol drinking.

In the U.K., however, experts say there is no safe level of alcohol for health purposes. Instead, they provides a low risk alcohol consumption guidelines for those who want a little of it from time-to-time.

Furthermore, the military has a guidelines for alcohol consumption, too.

As far as the an average individual, well, it is always better and healthier to minimize and even avoid it. But if you can’t avoid it, always have a discipline to control your alcohol intake.

Make moderate alcohol consumption as part your healthy lifestyle practices. Put more of your effort and focus eating health-boosting and nourishing foods, or even replace alcohol with coffee, perhaps.

Look closely at your diet and make sure you’re sticking to good nutrition. Includes foods like walnuts and blueberries. Of course, for men, don’t foget your to eat foods rich in zinc, or even take supplements for it.

These foods are valuable for overall men’s health including male fertility. And, of course, stay active physically through regular exercise.

Alcohol Effects on Brain

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