Importance of Zinc For Men

3 Reasons Why Men Should Eat Zinc Rich Foods or Zinc Take Supplementation

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Zinc is among the many minerals which the body needs for various functions. In men, zinc is vital for preventing a range of health issues, and among its vital roles include facilitate in healing wounds and fighting diseases, which means zinc boosts the immune system, too.

Zinc mineral is considered as an essential mineral, which means the body can’t produce it on its own but to take it. Therefore, it is vital to have enough level of zinc in our body either from eating the right foods rich in zinc or through a quality supplementation.

1. Zinc For Prostate Health

One of the common issues in men’s health today is prostate health particularly enlargement of the prostate, and cancer. In fact, prostate cancer is one of the leading cause of cancer-related death in men. Therefore, taking a huge consideration towards maintaining a healthy prostate is a smart move.

Certainly, dietary changes by eating certain foods can maintain prostate health particularly foods containing zinc. According to Andrew Saul, if there’s one mineral that is just as essential as Vitamin C when it comes to prostate health, it’s zinc. Additionally, there are studies that support the important role of zinc play in prostate health. Zinc has been considered a cancer suppressor agent.

2. Zinc For A Healthy Heart

A study conducted by University of St. Andrews revealed zinc plays a vital role in regulating heart beat. In another study, zinc has been found to play another important role in regulating how calcium moves in the cells of the heart. Plus, taking supplementation based on study improved testosterone level, which is a vital hormone in men.

3. Zinc Boosts Sperm Quality

Men who want to become a father should prioritize the health of their sperm cells known as swimmers. Low sperm count is one of the indicators of zinc deficiency. A male with low zinc has higher chances of having a low sperm count.

Therefore, eat foods rich in zinc including lean beef, although it needs to be consumed less because there are also disadvantages eating too much red meat. Instead, eat poultry, sea foods like crabs and oysters, and dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

If you’re not into eating meat, there are vegetables rich in zinc like beans and nuts, dark chocolate, cooked white mushrooms, green leafy vegetables like spinach, pumpkin seeds, and of course, dark chocolate preferably organic.

With all these in mind, check yourself if you’re deficient in zinc mineral and address it as early as possible. While zinc is vital for male sexual health, it is also vital for other functions in the body particularly the immune system. So, don’t just eat zinc rich foods for sex, but for your overall health.

If you think you’re lacking zinc-rich foods in your diet, take a good zinc supplement to support and fill the gap. However, eating the right foods regular has no substitute, and supplementation should only be taken to support or boost the nutrients you’re getting from your diet. Supplementation is also a good start to increase your zinc level while at the same time aiming to eat healthy zinc-rich foods.

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